Glassware Clearance

I was going to buy the really pretty rainbow-colored glasses and then I realised–$30 for 4? That’s more than $7 a glass, not including shipping!
Yeah… no.

Oopsy daisies…To Desert or not to Dessert? That is the question for the Modern Vintage Desert Bowls 4pc.

We knew that the desserts you’d put in them would be so wonderfully rich, you could only eat one. So only one ‘s’.

“It is a labor intensive process that can only be done in Mexico”


So let me get this straight — I can either buy a pair of Lincoln Square 15-ounce Highball glasses for $34.99…

…or, I can buy a pair of Lincoln Square 15-ounce Highball glasses for $29.99…

Uhm. Oops. Pretend you didn’t see that. (Sent on for fixing.)

If I buy these glasses, I won’t be able to afford to fill them with a frosty beverage.

Approximately $30 for two glasses? I think I need to invest in some recycled jelly jars and be proud of my po’ folk southern roots. Sheesh!


I like the “Designed in Italy” detail. You have to search a little to find where they were actually made. No surprises there.

Err…I just bought that exact same purple pitcher at Home Goods for $12.99 just the day before yesterday. I got a largish matching serving bowl for $14.99.

Am redoing my project room and thought they’d be nice for my knitting/crochet needles and balls of yarn, respectively.

I bought the Central Park double old-fashioned glasses - got two sets, actually - and they arrived yesterday.

Absolutely gorgeous glasses. If you have a home bar, these make a great addition to it. Ok, so they are a tad more than you might ordinarily pay for a DOF - but a nice “regular glass” DOF will set you back $8-$10 each. For $15, you get the amazing clarity of leaded glass…and, by the way, Woot’s price is the lowest by far foar anything comparable.

One note: they are substantial, with a thick base. Woot doesn’t mention shipping weight, but Amazon quotes it at 3 pounds per set. I believe it. Each glass probably weighs a pound. That’s why, when you drink from them, you cup it in your hand and use your bottom fingers for support. Ahh feels so ritzy!