Global 4GB MP4 Player w/2.8" Touchscreen

Will I have to worry about Apple suing me if I buy this?

The name MP4 player is a marketing term for inexpensive portable media players, usually from little known or generic device manufacturers. The name itself is a misnomer, since most MP4 players are incompatible with the MPEG-4 Part 14 or the .mp4 container format. Instead, the term refers to their ability to play more file types than just MP3.

And knowing, is half the battle.

Also these are insanely cheap, only a 90 day warranty.

Just go to best buy and spend 30-40$ on a new Sansa, save yourself the head ache.

I don’t think Apple feels threatened by these at all and they don’t share any trademarks that I can tell.

I’m curious if these can be MacGyver-ed into anything fun. Cheap price for a touch screen.

Dear god, it’s the new Sansa! Except crappier.

The touch screens on these cheap “mp4” players are almost always frustratingly difficult to use resistive touchscreens.

I’d save my money.

Look ma! I might have a quality post!
This looks to be the manufacturer (link goes directly to their MP4 devices page.) Their support page doesn’t appear to have this exact model listed, though.

Its cheap enough that I wouldnt care if I forgot it on a bus.

Not bad for your kiddo to use as a phone instead of yours either.

These are cheap made-in-china no-name brand mp3 players that can be found all over ebay, along with its many variants (some with camaras, others without)

Woot does have a good price on it though, probably wouldn’t be too bad as a losable, breakable device

Found a youtube video. Looks identical, except for the stylus.

4 hours of battery life is too anemic for me.

Someone called from 2001 and wanted their money back. What the heck would anyone do with 4gb?

Is this what you give bad little children at Christmas time who keep bugging you for a iPhone/iPad/iWhatever, but don’t do their chores and their homework?

A cheap, on the go MP3 player is a great thing to have if you either have no money for an iPod, or don’t want to worry about losing the one you have.

I hope to see this in the next Woot-off, as I’m too broke to nab one now.

This looks to be the same with interesting reviews:

Aren’t currently made and sold Ipod shuffles three times the price and only have 2 GB on them? I think some people can actually survive with only a thousand songs at a time…

I’d like to have a cheap mp3 player just to leave in my car that I wouldn’t worry about having stolen or broken. However, I feel like leaving this in my car would just be incentive to have people smash my window. I need an MP3 player that looks like crap, not like an ipod touch.

I for one have done plenty with my 2gb Sansa Clip, so I can do twice as much with 4gb.
In for two.

Meh. You can get an older model android phone for that price with much better battery life and way more features.