Global 4GB MP4 Player w/2.8" Touchscreen

**Item: **Global 4GB MP4 Player w/2.8" Touchscreen
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Some info, straight from their product page

Looks alot like the V-Touch i purchased a few years back from woot. That one was a paperweight. Bad interface and required the use of the included stylus, it was so palm pilot at the beginning of iphoneness. At this price it might make a good music player but whose phone doesn’t do that these days.

Pretty sure when the write up says it has 4GB of RAM, they meant storage. That much RAM would be ridiculous–quadruple that of the iPhone 5.

Here is a little bit of wooter feedback from a moofi sale - “you get what you pay for”. Best bet: purchase for casual listening, your kids, or a backup to your more expensive device.

Pretty sure these got awful battery ratings the last time they were up.

I grabbed one of these last time they were offered.


  • VERY slow to copy MP3s to the unit. It took nearly an hour to copy half a gig.
  • The touchscreen is resistive, not capacitive, and not very responsive. You have to press the menu item twice - once to highlight, then again to select. OR you use the hard buttons to highlight, then press the hard button to select or touch the selected item on the screen.
  • Works only about half the time. I’ve had to take the unit apart and wiggle battery wires last time to get it going again.
  • Fairly slow to respond to menu selections.
  • Settings are sparse, with not many options. You cannot set the device to shuffle songs. You can’t control screen timeout. Menus are horrible broken English. I’m still trying to figure out what a couple of them mean.


  • Cheap.
  • Starts up quickly.
  • Plays okay when it works.
  • Did I mention cheap? You get what you pay for. I wasn’t expecting an iPod or anything close to that. I got what I expected.

I haven’t tested all the file formats it’s supposed to handle - just MP3s so far, and they worked okay.

Looks like this would be good for a kid, especially if you don’t want to unleash the power of an iPod (or the app market) upon them. I mean, why would you if it’ll probably get misplaced or broken anyway?

I got two from a previous post, one for me and one for a gift. Mine was so awful I got something else for the gift. No even worth the postage.

This DOES NOT support MP4 files.

A number of features like the calendar and clock and music shuffle do not work either.
It does play mp3 and “some” avi files, and reads .txt files.
You’ll need some earbuds, the stock ones are garbage.

It’s cheap, it works, and doesn’t need 3rd party software. I use mine while doing yardwork.

I’ll repeat- This DOES NOT support MP4 files. These chinese knock-offs are deceptively called “MP4 Players”. They do not actually play MP4’s.

I bought one the last time around. It’s a terrible piece of merchandise. The company, Global, specializes in give-away junk.

For my money, if you want a low cost music player, get a reconditioned Sansa. You can get the clips for <$30, the interfaces work well and some of the product line can use microSD cards to increase storage and make transfers faster. I use one mowing where I don’t want my $600 phone to fall out of my pocket and become high tech confetti. I clip it onto my hat.

I bought one and it’s ok for the price but the battery doesn’t last at all.

I’m think of getting this for my son’s 5th birthday. Can it get apps/games?

purchased two the last time. great for 4GB of portable storage but the battery craps out after a few uses, touch display more like poke incessantly and maybe it’ll register the action display, but neat if you just got to have a weird 4GB flashdrive that’s large and might play music sometime


It only connects to the computer to charge & get music or pics - that sort of stuff…

Please look elsewhere… in the age of smart, fast kids this is a dumb, slow “Player”!


If you dont have one of these already you are not on THE mailing list or threw away the packet for some shopping club a few years back.

That is how I got mine for FREE!!!

I was pretty excited as it seemed pretty great from the description but turned out to be sooooooooo frustrating!

Others have already written how the screen is NOT very sensitive and you never know if the thing registered your selection or not… IT IS SO FRUSTRATING - and then half the time you get “File Not Known” or something like that!

Those who are able to use this thing have a lot more patience than me… I wouldnt give it away!

Eh, it depresses me to even look at this thing. It reminds me a childhood memory when my mom wanted a Palm Pilot and my dad got her a knock-off that was basically a calculator.

In the age of cheap name brand electronics or cheap earlier generation high end products, is there really still a market for these things?

I wanted a cheap MP3 player for my new car, which unlike my last car, has a hookup for MP3s. I didn’t want a nice one, since I was afraid people would steal it. I bought this back in March and after reading the reviews I wasn’t in a hurry to set it up, but finally did over break. If you expect to actually use the interface, it’s a piece of junk, truly. But it did work. I had to charge it longer than the 6 hours it told me to but I went to bed and the next morning it turned on ok. I loaded my music onto it, hooked it up to my car via the USB port and it seems to be working with the car just fine, and so far I haven’t had to recharge it (I’m not sure if the car charges it??) So, it does what I wanted it to, and I’m happy. But the touch screen is a joke, and the interface is horrible. So tl;dr version: If you want a cheap MP3 player to leave in your car that no one will want to steal, get this one, if you want something for the gym or the kids, get something better.