Global 4GB MP4 Player w/2.8" Touchscreen

**Item: **Global 4GB MP4 Player w/2.8" Touchscreen
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Find a bit of feedback from the Moofi Sale


[MOD: Seems to be a different model as it talks about a stylus and the bottom looks different.]

Check out some additional infor over at the product page

Alrighty, the thread is back. Totally my fault. NEVER, NEVER touch the red button.

Does anybody know if this will work with a Mac? Can I just drop in my songs from my iTunes library? Or is this PC only?

That is a LOADED question!

A Mac will recognize this object and you can drop songs into it but will it then play songs?

Will you find the magic space to put your finger on to play above song? or do anything else?

Will you find a volume button?

etc, etc, etc

Can you install RockBox on it?

This is the same item previously offered for $5 more and not worth a buck back then

Does this thing actually play MP4 and WMV files as advertised? Bought a couple for my kids. Just received them in the mail. The instructions that come with the player says that video files must be in AVI format. Going to see when I get home, but I hope that’s not the case.

The text on our sale came directly from the vendor. If you have issues, feel free to contact the manufacturer. They’ve posted in past sales.

POS, don’t waste your money.

Cheap , China crap - get what you pay for !

Mine won’t recharge

4 hour battery life - Bull

I used my for 1.5 hours and battery dead,now won’t recharge

How do I get my money back ??

Woot stuff is cheap crap don’t buy anything from these crooks


email and our Customer Service team will help. be sure to include your order details for quicker service.
sorry about the cheap crap.

I have never been disappointed with a woot product before now. This is a cheap piece of junk. I will be more leery of buying from them from now on.

This was a piece of junk. I tossed it yesterday.

Birthday present gone wrong - this really is a POS - will not work at all.

That’s a bummer, I’m sorry for the trouble. This MP4 player did come with a 90 Day Warranty from Global. You can also reach out to Woot Support for help along the way.