Global 4GB MP4 Player w/2.8" Touchscreen

Congrats, and thanks for the encouragement!

Hopefully 10 is the magic number. I’ve been able to click that beautiful yellow “order” button 9 times only to get nothin’

Hey Mods, if I buy one, can we pretend that was the total inventory? I promise if you say yes I’ll buy.

Isn’t anybody going to buy these MP3 players?

This player plays Blu-Ray rips, right? Right?

Ohh wait, I can calibrate it!

Looking at that icon, it’s running WindowsCE, and you could probably do some fun things with it if you are bored.

Shocked, are we?

cooking up some fun…

mute this one. Movietools info - Free Disco Ball Loop - YouTube

play this one.

Well, that’s five I’ve gotten into my cart only to be denied. Maybe 6 is the charm…


Hmmm, wonder if this is going to continue through Thursday. No sign of Monkeys yet.

YOU PROMISE? ONLY if promises are made…no broken promises


Unless…of course…you’re Survivor…

Well, it’s been real. Must sleep. Goodnight, all.

I am SO doing this when I get home.

Broken! not fondled and abused!

This thing sucks.