Global 4GB MP4 Player w/2.8" Touchscreen

Finally got one. Good luck everyone!

**Item: **Global 4GB MP4 Player w/2.8" Touchscreen
Price: $7.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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mis-typed S as s :frowning:

I have wootalyzer running just to keep an eye out for caramels; naturally, it brings up a new window when I’m typing. You’d think I would have thought of that.

YAY, got 1. Now i can go get ready for bed! lol

Yes. Yes. Yes!!!

It’s been years.

Really? Was that the BOC? That little red thing that flashed in the corner for like 1/2 second?

Just missed it. I’m too slow yet again.

W00T! got 1!

Missed it by that much --> ||

I forgot the slash…

I finally got the crap! Woot!

missed it by the skin of my teeth too. was this offering #4 ?? i lost count

how many craps has this been now? I haven’t been paying well enough attention.

This new system (which I dig) does not work on a mac.

Well, okay, so it may be that I am new to macs and don’t know yet how to resize and lost precious seconds to that…

but I’m going with “does it work on a mac?” - and…no. :slight_smile:

Congrats to those who scored.

Screw you people that have no life and stay on here all effing day. I just happened to log in and see Bag of Junk and its gone already. I have money to buy whatever I want from Amazon. So bah-bye losers.

Found you that MP5 you were looking for Wootbot.
Not saying you owe me, just saying you might remember my name next time you’re naming your Final Fantasy characters.

I’m blaming my loss on the fact that I’m currently using a laptop. It makes me feel better to blame something…

I got one! Kinda scared of it. I hope it’s crap-cool, not crap-crap. Anyway, the excitement builds…