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Get It Here Tomorrow

VERY cute! I approve. Nice job, LouLou & Tummie.

Grats on the shirt printing Lou Lou and Tummie. It’s kind of abstract but goofy. I think it could have done better on a fun shirt color like lemon, but black is fine. Good luck and hope it sells well for you.

Cute sure. Reminds me of Dig Dug and Halloween all at the same time.

its from the psp game loco roco

HAHAHAHA wow that link to the game trailer on youtube is hilarious, not my kind of shirt though…

Good luck to Phil!

I think this is a really neat design, but after thinking about it I dont really like all the faces. I think if there were none, or less faces I’d be in because I’m a sucker for anything with tree or ghost like imagery on it.

Just not my style.

I got animialhat the other day…

Decent shirt but I’m not a fan of black tees, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s cause I’m too pale…

Ooooh yes! A lemon yellow shirt would be great.

Heck yes I’ll purchase a manly black tee with amazingly weird things that have faces…

reminds me of intellivisions “snafu” but not really

could of done it in white would be better but i still got it woot!!!

Proud to call this craziness my first woot.

I’m having a hard time not hitting the button after watching the Loco Roco Cocoreccho! trailer. What a genius the person was to associate the two. Glad I watched that, it brightened my midnight. :slight_smile:


I like black tees because i’m pale. it’s all about the contrast.

dont like black shirts…
im not emo…

looks cute, i got one