Glorious Nonsensities T-Shirt Podcast

It’s the podcast all about the T-Shirt! Every week I feature a couple of new Tees on the show. Users can send links to Shirts they think I should feature or can send ME tees directly to feature on the Glorious Nonsensities show, just send me an email at if you have a Tee you would like to me to feature on a future podcast!

Here’s a link to the most recent episode:

If you guys have a shirt you’d like ME to feature send me an email at gloriousnonsensities at gmail dot com or post in the comments. Here’s a link to my blog and my viddler page:

Older Episodes:

I don’t have a shirt I’d like you to feature, but I do have a great story about a Suzuki Swift, a jug of Thunderbird and a game of hide-and-seek gone wrong. What can you offer me?