Glorious Raptor Chili Sauce

Who can turn down more teeth! Great design, perfect color choice, glorious indeed.

Love that hot stuff!

You can put it on anything. And it’ll kill it!

The Chinese text at the bottom - Charlie Delta Echo Blue. Nice!

Is this sriracha thing that popular in the US? I’m Vietnamese and we don’t actually use this with Pho in Vietnam

I think you’re doing it wrong then haha. A Vietnamese immigrant docked in so-cal and found a some red jalapeno chilies and started making his version of Thailand’s “Sriracha”. So it’s a Vietnamese man’s interpretation of fermented Thai hot sauce that he sells in the US? The guy actually has an interesting story worth reading.

Disclaimer: I’m not usually this knowledgeable. I’ve been looking into making a “Sriracha” with my extra jolokia’s and stumbled across his story the other week.

I want to buy this shirt, but the Velociraptor’s wrists are turned the wrong way. Also, there are no feathers.

Here’s the documentary on the beginning of the company… “Sriracha”, great story, might just bring tears to your eyes…literally!

Sriracha—Full Movie with Director's Commentary - YouTube

It maybe dependent on which part of Vietnam he’s from. Their Pho is even different (one serve with sweet basil, one does not)

You live dangerously!

Is this american apparel, or the craptastic alternative that WOOT increasingly is using…?

International shipping makes no sense.

2 shirts of the same design = $10 shipping

2 shirts of different designs = $20 shipping

Same weight, size and destination for the package either way… so what gives?

It also says in the support page that international shipping is $5… not $10… I don’t get it.

A well-deserved win! Congrats. -:]

I find this amusing

I don’t recall seeing the option for AA shirts this morning …

just wait about 20 minutes and you’ll see…oh, you’ll see.