Glow-In-The-Dark iPhone Cases

These are so awesome when they have a full charge and glow in the dark in front of your friends

this is not a case at all, this does nothing to protect your phone besides maybe a harmless scratch, otherwise, absolutely zero protection.

Just be aware that this is cool, but this isn’t a case at all, AKA misleading!

This is a Wrap/Skin not really a case. One definition of ‘case’ is; “Surround in a material or substance”. I suppose technically speaking it can be called a case, but find that term to be a bit misleading.

That said, I might be in for one of those that appear white in daylight. pretty good price and better yet if you can get a friend to jump on it ans split shipping.

I feel like getting it to charge while it’s in your pocket all day isn’t likely.