Glow in the Dark

Aww. No StarFoxes, or even Fable’s fishing cat. Those are still my two personal favorite GitD.

Where is “Good to Go” the clever battery shirt? Will it ever be available again? It is not available on demand because of the GITD ink.

Good Times with Science is still my favorite geek shirt X3

are any of these printed on AA shirts? would snatch up “see no evil” in a second if so! i have it in a medium which is way too small for me since gaining weight, but anvil just isn’t the same D:

We’d label them as AA; these are all Anvils. Keep an eye out, though!


I have the “That’s No Moon” shirt and I LOVE IT!

FINALLY able to replace my old shirts that I loved so much but couldn’t buy on demand to replace!

I just received my “Glow in the Dark” shirt (Run Away! Run Away!) in the mail and I’m disappointed in the glow in the dark aspect of it. It hardly glows at all. I also received (Winter Has Come) and it glows Awesome! It looks like the white ink on the first shirt was printed on TOP of the glow in the dark ink. The glow in the dark printing on both shirts looks completely different from each other. Has anyone else had this problem?

Hmmm. Weird. You’re welcome to email with your order info and situation. CS can review any available options you have.