Glow in the Dark

Man I remember when tricky treats first came out and all the haters that thought it was a sick joke, poor taste etc.

Tempting fate again eh?

I get over a thousand trick-or-treaters every Halloween. Maybe this year I can convince some of them to “Run Away! Run Away!”

i remember seeing all the comments about the print the last time it was offered. i guess we’ll see what happens…

13th Gloom Street orange hoodie!!! Can I have it at the Ghosties price though – aren’t they the same base hoodie?

oh man. reminds me of slade.

Yeah, I’m not sure what the difference here is. I think the Ghosties price is actually a glitch and incorrect. I think it’s supposed to be $30 as well, the pullover hoodies are normally $25, not the zip. If you’re interested in Ghosties, buy it now before it’s fixed! I doubt Woot won’t honor it at the price purchased :).

Are the T-shirts in this sale sourced from American Apparel? According to the description on Ghosties, it is manufactured in the USA! fingers crossed!

Only the orange t-shirts are; the other colors are still Anvil.

Whole reason I checked the comments :slight_smile:

I bought the ‘Run Away! Run Away!’ tee-shirt for my teen son about a year ago. He wears it a lot, especially if he & his friends are hanging out at night. It’s really a creepy cool shirt!