Glow Sticks - 24 Pack

**Item: **Glow Sticks - 24 Pack
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Great to bring along with Halloween. They can enhance your costume, and make it a lot safer to be seen while crossing the street.

Can anyone please tell me how long the glow lasts? Thanks!

Hmm, twice as expensive as the kind they’ve sold before, but they’re in tubes. They look good…

[MOD: and they’re larger - 6" for these vs 4" in previous offers.]

We’ve used a lot of glow sticks, and they last a pretty good amount of time. They are always still lit when I go to bed (really late) but out when I wake up so I can’t be more specific. No worries for Halloween to be sure.

I like these but I really wanted more of the glowstick/flashlight ones. Please?

I think they probably last as long as most store bought ones which claim 8-12 hours but realistically last at decent brightness 4-6 hours.

…thinking about getting these for hurricane season. Had a few of them strung up when the power went out a few years ago.

Depends on the type of drug taken before the snap.

If these are the same brand of glow sticks that were on woot a while back I honestly wouldn’t recommend them. They really aren’t good quality, the glow is fairly dim. Granted they lasted a decent amount of time but it is way too dim compared to the normal green/blue glow sticks that most people are used to.

Those were Darice, and came in a two-pack pouch. These seem to be individually packaged in tubes. The top looks different, too. Doesn’t mean they’re better, or worse, but they are not the same.

I will be lucky if I get 20 trick or treaters this year so may buy this to hand out. If I do not use them all these would be good to keep in my cars and desk for emergencies.

does anyone know the shelf life of glow sticks (any brand)? If i purchase these and have left overs, will they be OK to use next year?

Those Darice sticks were pretty crappy for safety purposes, but the 5 year old and the 3 year old that I shared them with loved them for playing around with in the house. I wonder what they’ll figure out to do with the tube packaging of these sticks.

Depends on packaging. Foil packaging can last up to 4 years, but these may be closer to the 1-2 year shelf life in a cardboard tube. most glow sticks run in the 4-12 hour range before completely going out.

I’ve found a few places that sell this brand glowstick via searching for “6inch glowstick lanyard.”

one is amazon marketplace (not fulfilled by amazon) and cost is $1/stick + $2shipping (not sure combined).

other is ebay seller, 12-count for $6.50 + domestic shipping ($8 to my location).

handed out the ones from woot last year to trick or treaters along with the candies, but made sure I had them cracked, lanyard tied, and ready to go. Kids LOVE to wear glow sticks, but they (or their parents) aren’t going to fuss with tying the string and putting it on. hop over to amazon and grab some bracelets too (most kids will want one on each wrist). 100 for $9

most manufacturers list the shelf life at 12-18 months for non-foil wrapped packaging, foil wrapped 2-4 years. they also mention that they need to be kept in a cool DRY place to prevent water seepage through the plastic. I don’t see why wrapping them in tinfoil and tossing them into a space bag wouldn’t do the trick, as long as you don’t store them in the attic.

Glad to see glow sticks this year!! I still have a boatload from last year. I routinely get 300+ trick-or-treaters and I had stocked up, but the hurricane hit and we lost power. I only had 10 people, so I’ve got plenty leftover.

These look like they’re better quality that the previous ones sold. I also like that they are packaged individually, so I don’t have to crack them open to hand out.

I’ll buy some and report back!

We literally just used the last of the batch I bought last October tonight. I’m so glad glow sticks are back!

Some of last year’s sticks were DOA, but those that worked, lasted at least 8 hours. The kids (6 and 3) love to use them in their “disco” baths, playtents, or sleepovers.

I wish the limit was higher than 3 lots so I could stock up for Halloween and year round fun.

In for 3. Thanks for putting these up in time for Halloween.

Is it a multi color pack as shown? I’d be dissapointed if they were all one color. Why not put more info in the description WOOT?

[MOD: Assorted colors]

Gave the other glow sticks out last year for Halloween. Thought the kids might be disappointed about no candy but I was surprised how excited they were. They were definitely a hit!