Gluggle Jugs

The rooster is just straight up cheaper on the mother ship. Nice, real nice.

Not seeing the same item or a cheaper price.

Shouldn’t that be “a twist of humour”?

BTW, TT, just looked at the Specs, I have two questions: 1. What is the capacity of an “extra large” jug? 2. What is Ceremic?

Ceremic is an anemic version of ceramics. Or a misspelling. I’ll research and get back to you on that and the capacity.

UPDATE: Spelling fixed. Capacity added. :Happy:

Thanks, ur the best!

I got one of these from a different source for my Mother-in-law last Mother’s Day. She loved it. It’s a very pretty piece of decorative art in addition to functional.

I think this one is the same. The title says 10 inch, but the specs say 12.5.
Woot - $39.99 + $5 shipping = $44.99
Amazon - $43.12 + $0 shipping = $43.12

I already bought one (the wife loves roosters) but am curious as to what “when poured from 3/4 full” means. Does it only work at 3/4 full or it doesn’t start making noise until you pour out a quarter from full and then continues until empty or something else?

Yeah, the glugging just doesn’t really start until it’s about 3/4 full (which you can fill it all the way and it’ll glug when it gets to that point), it won’t be super audible when you get to the last quarter or so either.

This is the kind of krap Woot was built on… Moar please