Gluten Scares Me



Hi. Can anyone help suggest sizing? I have tall, thin kids ages 8, 6, and 3-1/2.
Thanks in advance!


I’m not familiar with the kids sizes specifically, but I would go with American Apparel (slimmer fit) and generally one size up from what you would normally select.


Tall and thin, go with American Apparel. The standard Anvil shirts are wider, shorter, and in my experience, shrink up much much more.

As for sizing, everybody is different, so instead of simply going by the size, measure up some shirts that fit your kids well, refer to the sizing chart, and make a determination from that. If you need an even longer shirt, consider the women’s AA shirts; they are cut straight on the sides (versus the hourglass shape that other brands are or in the case of Anvil, trapezoidal.) I recall one artist in the past saying he bought the women’s sizing for his nephew because of his height.


Came here for juicy gluten rage and only found friendly size discussion. You good people are so boring.


For or against?


The perceived intolerance vs the medically valid. I don’t participate I just bring popcorn [GF].


If you scroll down on the page (at least on the app) there is a complete sizing chart. Men’s, women’s and kids in both brands.