GLX Motocross Helmets and Accessories

This might be a dumb question but can someone in NY wear the Off-road helmet for their motorcycle?

These helmets are not Snell approved.

If you look at the rear view, you’ll see a DOT sticker. The helmet is legal for use on the road (and off road, of course) in all states.

These are junk helmets in every sense of the word. And since the most important factor in choosing a helmet is getting a proper fit, you’re basically throwing that 30 bucks away on something that offers little protection and probably won’t fit properly. Shame on you Woot.

Helmets are safety gear, not a fashion statement.

Anybody get some shipping info yet? I ordered the elbow/knee guards. Still nothing.

Have you emailed Woot Member Services? They can take a look at your order and help you with tracking details.