GLX Motorcycle Helmets

Let’s see… I prefer having a recognizable face and jaw left if I happen to meet the pavement, so I’m going to go with: FULL helmet.

I laid my Harley down at 55 mph. I was wearing a full face helmet and suffered 0 head injuries although I did break a few bones. It looked like someone had taken a grinder and mallet to that helmet. If I had been wearing a minimalist helmet like so many Harley riders prefer I would have left a lot of my face on the pavement.

Anything less than a full face helmet is useless.

I think the chin is the first part of the head that hits in 17% of all accidents. Wear a fullface helmet all the time.

Personally, I highly prefer a modular (flip-up) helmet. Much easier to get on/off when you have a big noggin’ like me. Also, built-in flip-down sun-visors are awesome.

does it have a chin strap?

it has to if it meets DOT specificatios. honestly, I’ve never seen a helmet without a chin strap.

to each their own, but I wouldn’t buy this. you get what you pay for. the last thing I want to be thinking if I come off my bike is I wish I had spent more on my helmet.

I use a modular helmet, and the helmet my kids use is a full face. I’ve gone down once at ~40 mph and there was significant damage to the helmet all along the chin bar area.

I guess these are better than the “party hats” worn by the cool dudes in sleeveless shirts and worn jeans, but I wouldn’t ever use anything that didn’t protect my face.

Does the helmet come with the faceplate or do you have to purchase the faceplate separately?

It’s actually closer to 50% of all accidents involve a lower face impact

Cheap helmets with poor fit (and trust me, different brands fit very differently) and not even very protective.

Why would anyone buy these? A helmet is a SAFETY device, not a fashion accessory. Woot isn’t doing anyone a favor by selling this brand.

Cheapness aside (there are actually well-built inexpensive helmets), fit is actually a good point. Heads are different shapes, helmets are different shapes. If you do not match the two well you’re going to end up with a bad fit (highly unsafe) or an uncomfortable helmet (obnoxious).

Buying a helmet that you have not actually tried on is basically asking for a helmet that will let you down.

Price has very little to do with how well any given helmet will fit your specific head. Ex: my head shape works with new Bell ($300-600) and older Scorpion helmets ($100-150), but is totally incompatible with Icon ($100-600).

Anyone have any info on the sizing of these things? I can’t seem to find them on the GLX site or anywhere else for that matter. Their site just says to visit an authorized dealer for sizing.

I think this is it on Amazon. If so, that sale says:

For proper fit and size measure the circumference of your head 1" above your eyebrows and around the largest portion of the back of your head.
20 7/8" - 21 1/4" = X-Small
21 5/8" - 22" = Small
22 3/8" - 22 3/4" = Medium
23 1/4" - 23 5/8" = Large
24" - 24 3/8" = X-Large
24 3/4" - 25 1/4" = XX-Large
25 5/8" - 26" = XXX-Large

Overstock has a chart too

Hope that helps.

Drive in Wisconsin, you won’t have to worry about fit, you don’t have to wear it. Freedom.

I choose to wear one!

Open-face have convenience, but do suffer from a pretty distinct disadvantage of exposing the lower jaw. I can see wanting one, even though I wear full face…

Size is important though. I can buy lids online but only because I have a brand with a size I am familiar with… I would be careful ordering one of these without having tried one on before.

Helmets are not a great impulse buy…

VERY good safety points about full helmets, but I prefer a shorty.

The difference between these 502 and 504 shorty series is not clear so here’s a would-be-quality link to their website and catalog:

Unfortunately, the [July 2012 ?!] link results in a “404 Page Not Found”. I’ll pass on this questionable attention to detail when it involves my already-at-risk gourd.

FYI: I’m 99% sure the “B” models are black [glossy], whereas the “BM” are black matte [flat, not glossy].