This isn’t an apron?

(throws money at woot)

And when youre done with your bbq - Masters of the universe talking toothbrush - YouTube

Maybe I’m overstating the obvious… but this isn’t being initially offered on a Apron?? I dig it!

Would be better on an apron…

Seriously, no apron?! Of all the shirts ever offered THIS one should come in an apron! In fact, forget the shirt, just sell the apron!

Yes, agreed. I’m breaking my “never post for any reason ever (ok, except that one time)” rule to plead for this to be on an apron.

Shirt is still awesome, so much so that I ordered two, for my brother and brother-in-law. Can’t wait to see the looks on their faces. Grill Captains + MOTU Fans + GMOTU = Win!

That’s a pretty strong request considering it’s your 2nd post.

EDIT: Now, what can we do to keep you posting? :happy:

Additional apron vote!

Not being sarcastic when I say “hey, this really should be on an apron.”

Apron please!

APE RON APE RON APE RON :slight_smile:

… but seriously if this came back with an apron option, it seems like it’d be good for business LOL DON’T SHOOT ME.

Awesome design.

I broke down and bought the tee shirt anyway. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t buy an apron, too!

They… they ate Beastman! :open_mouth:

I second the apron! If you do it take my money now!

You got my money now I have the apron too!

Really disappointed to miss out on the apron. Please offer it again!