Gnome Garden

Hee hee hee!

Baby blue - craptastic! Not drool proof and not my color - what’s an old science gnome to do :frowning:

Om nom nom gnome. Melted plastic tastes the best over a nice little wood fire.

And to think-- this whole time I thought the vandalism was being caused by some punk neighborhood kids.


Stupid gnome … doesn’t he know that roasting plastic pink flamingos over an open fire does nothing but add toxins to the atmosphere?

Had to say that I like it, but too much going on for me to pull the trigger, but if money where no object. Pow! It’d be mine.

I actually saw a pink flamingo in someones yard today!

If you should happen to look out onto your front yard and see this scene unfold, it might be time to stop eating those wild mushrooms.

“Grr… These darn flamingos take so lawn to grill!”

Sorry, everybody.

Oh sweet heavens, what in the world is David the Gnome doing to that poor bird?


That flamingo looks really annoyed; always like the cute but quirky stylings of a Randyotter t-shirt.

My question is what happened to the flamingo’s legs? Everyone knows that the drumsticks are the best part of the bird!

Those curved things sticking out of the ground… umm… they could be:

  1. Thumbprints

  2. Monochromatic rainbows

  3. Misplaced mouseholes

  4. Rocks?

Honestly, I have no idea what they really are. I’m going with the rainbow option for now.


That made my day! x]

Red Hat? Blue Body? Could it be…?

This gnome is the offspring of Gnomeo and Juliet!

Of course the flamingo looks annoyed. You would be too if you had a stick rammed up your you-know-what and coming out you-know-where.

And now you cannot unsee it.

You’re welcome.

I don’t get it. Especially with the title.

I instantly grabbed this one, I don’t wear printed t-shirts but, I’ll turn it into a pillow or something, it’ll go with my gnomes on my porch.

I like the saw and two legs in the background. If you are going to take the legs, do it right, I always say.