Go Bottle with 2-Stage Filtration

Warning about your selection of color.

I ordered purple. My Stuff You Bought page shows I ordered purple.

I got pink. The PACKING SLIP says PINK.

I do not like pink.

So I emailed. Someone who I could barely understand their accent called and followed up with an email with a return label and said (I think) that they would send out a replacement in PURPLE.

The replacement that was sent out was PINK, again.

Somehow, somewhere, a programmer must have totally f***d up, and is putting the wrong color on the packing slip, so I keep getting PINK.

Has anyone ordered purple and actually received it?

This is the second order in a row for me that has been a total absolute mess. It took me a long time to place this one after the last mess. My patience, and trust, are getting really really low.

I’m really sorry about that. I’m going to pass on your info to my contacts at Customer Service and see if we can get you the correct color ASAP.

There was no mention of receiving the correct item in the email sent to me by woot. It only had return information and said I would get a refund after they had been returned. So now I have two packages ready to send back.

When I get the refund does that mean that I will be charged the $5 shipping since the total will fall below that required to use the free shipping code that I used?

A lot of work for nothing, it appears. Especially since these are now listed as sold out.

We can see the error on our end now. CS is looping in the Sports team to see what to do. Sorry for the problems.

OK, I’ve been holding off on going to UPS to bring back the 2 packages. If there’s no way I can get purple AND if I’m going to be charged the $5 shipping because it falls below the threshold for the coupon, I may consider keeping one of the cringe-worthy pink ones for my earthquake supplies kit.

I placed the order for this item, I would not likely have ordered the other two alone, they just tagged along…

Just as I thought. I got SCREWED by woot.

On this $27.62+TAX item I got a $24.61 refund.

Uh oh! I’ll reach out to my connections in Customer Service to see if I can get that fixed for you. Sorry about that.

Don’t bother. They have already decided that coupons that expire in 30 days are all they can do.

When I tried to explain that I shouldn’t be penalized for woot’s mistake I got an email that ended with:

“We’re sorry that we haven’t been able to address your concerns. We understand that this situation has been frustrating but, unfortunately, we won’t be able to offer any additional help with this matter.”

And somewhere in the mess of emails I was told I was being sent a FILTRAT as a replacement.

What on earth is a Filtrat?

I have already received an RA for this mystery item that I never ordered, in case it was actually shipped.

I now see you’re selling these again.

I hope they can get the colors correct this time.

I fail to understand, if you still have them in stock, why I couldn’t have just been sent the correct color and have been done with this mess.

Instead I end up being ripped off.

I’m checking to see if the inventory problem was fixed. The pinks were received as purple and vice versa. It affected everyone.

UPDATE: I’ve been told the inventory has been swapped so it’s correct now. Fingers crossed.

I have finally received an email indicating that I am going to receive the $5 refund. Thank you to whoever facilitated that.

No, I’m not going to try to order a purple one. I’m not going to risk any future orders from woot. It’s just not worth the hassle.

I truly don’t believe I was out of line in wanting the $5 coupon honored. It wasn’t my mistake, it wasn’t buyer’s remorse, or anything like that.

I see that you have a coupon from this sale error. Are you having trouble using it? Make sure you use all caps.

As I mentioned, this affected all orders, not just yours. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize it until a couple people posted here.

I’m sorry for the frustration.

Yes, I have a coupon. But the price is $5 higher than before, and I don’t have the free shipping coupon I used on the previous order, so the net cost would be higher. The coupon would offset the higher cost of the item only.

And who knows what problem would happen this time. Sigh.