Go Duster – 2 Pack

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New Go Duster - 2 Pack, for $7.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 2x Go Duster with Synthetic Head

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4 AA batteries

Oh god… hell no!

That is the funniest toothbrush I ever did see.

I think I’ll need the SquareTrade warranty on this.

Can Americans get any more lazy…?

these things dont work any better than a normal duster

If you’re too lazy to move the duster, you’re too lazy to use this thing.

You’ll need these to dust off your giant 65" TV from yesterday’s woot!

Can’t get this. Bought the TV yesterday… no cash.

Hey, you gotta dust that $2300 TV with something!

thats a great deal in for one
second deal i am buying tonight just bought a citizen ecodrive from blingdaily.com

How the bag of crap can you target us like that? How do you know it’s not European or Australian you inconsiderate prick?

Ugh, what a disappointment today’s woot was. Sellout.Woot didn’t make up for it either.

O’good, something for Mother’s Day!!

I thought the whole idea of dusting was to well gather dust on the (hopefully electrostatically charged) duster and not spread it around like some kind of odd swishy fan thing.

Better deal at Taylor gifts:


cool, a real cordless duster.

So these just spin around, right? What is the bottle of spray stuff for? Seems like a lot of attachments for a glorified Swiffer…

They look like characters from a Dr. Seuss book.