Go Green Batteries!

The website for recycling should be iRecycled.com not irecycle.com.

Don’t be like me and try to go to irecycle.com on a work computer :stuck_out_tongue:

What is the shelf life on these (date)?

It says best by 2017.

Hey, thanks for catching that. It is IRECYCLED.COM. Mike from GoGreen.

Hi there, under normal conditions, these batteries will last like any quality alkaline battery. Some say up to 10 years!
Mike from Go Green.

Don’t send them to the landfill when you’re done, recycle them and Go Green pays the postage at IRECYCLED.com. Stay Green,
Go Green Mike

Not quite sure what kind of filtering your work computer has, but irecycle.com is simply a Canadian company that deals with recycled and green products. Not the site needed for these batteries, but completely harmless.