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It’s not a Sansa, but who can tell us about the MP3 player? (Or any of these other gizmos?)

This one feels like a $10,000 Pyramid category

“Things that I used before I got a smartphone”

techwoot! Speaking of Mobile…albeit slightly off topic.

I wonder when will you guys at Woot sell a gps enabled video dash cam/black box. This is one VERY VERY USEFUL gadget for us, everyday daily drivers.

Like the popular Korean made Blackvue dash cam line by Pittasoft. It even has an Android app to review your on road video files.


Another popular Korean dash cam maker is DTEG/Smarty.


I believe this gadget is just starting to be popular in the US…it is already overseas, esp in Europe (see some Youtube vids).

I’d be impressed if Woot…would.

I hate to be the lazy guy, but any thoughts on the tv? I know it’s been sold here before. I’m at work and am not really supposed to be playing on my phone/the Internet. I’m well in range of the local broadcast antennas so I’m more curious about durability and if the picture quality is serviceable. My marina doesn’t have wifi and I’d like to be able to catch the football games while I’m on a Boat.

Nothing here I’d ever put on my desk.

I was actually interested in the GPX MP3 player until I realized it doesn’t have a radio. I guess I’ll give the Phillips a try. So far, I have had good luck with Wooted MP3 players.

Anyone know if the Phillips mp3 has a playlist function? I know it says in the description that it has a “smart” playlist that puts the same types of music together, but I need to be able to create my own playlists.

Never mind. I found the user manual. But for anyone who happens to be wondering, yes, it does support playlists.

Here are some fun reviews on that GPX TD930B:


Here are some reviews for the 64GB Centon DSW64GB:

For what it’s worth, the TV isnt really “mobile” unless you plan on using it while sitting motionless somewhere. The antenna is not a mobile antenna, so this TV will not work if you plan on the kids watching TV in the backseat of your car. And after read the review above, it looks like the TV doesnt support a mobile antenna either.

Anyone know whether the cheap MP3 player, the GPX MW240P, will run off power from the USB jack?

I’m looking to have it run indefinitely for a rolling application.

I had these in my vehicles for years. The problem with the two that listed are they are great for daytime but night video is horrible.

I’m a fan of the DRS-1100 http://www.ubone.co.kr/products/drs1100pro/features.asp

For night the Dr.9 from http://www.longintech.com/en/category.php?id=2 is excellent (no gps though)

Does anyone know if this Garmin GPS will allow you to load up custom routes created in Garmin’s MapSource program?

We have the TV from previous offering and my husband loves it. However, I’m not sure if he’s used the antenna yet - I’ve asked and will update with his answer. He has plugged it into cable and satellite and also used the DVD player with great success. I’m buying 2 more for some of his friends that are jealous. He uses it out at his hunting camp in his bunk…they wanted to have their own tv too!

I love my tiny mp3 players and was all set to pick up another one but 2 GBs is just too small to hold my music and books.

Can you provide night time video samples from your superior dash cams you’ve had for…years.

640x480 @ 30fps resolution (That’s VGA resolution, FYI)…1.3 mega pixels from the above products you provided…

This I gotta see…

Amazon link & reviews for the USB thumb 64G drive. This was also a woot of the day back in May apparently.

Was looking into the Philips RaGa and basically found:
– It has great sound.
– It has lousy software
– Playlist in on the machine and its itsy bitsy screen, not on the computer, so it is basically useless.
– I’ve seen conflicting comments as to whether or not you can just dump your MP3s on it or you need to use the lousy software. There are more comments about the lousy software however, and only one, from an apple user, of being able to directly put the songs on.

Hope this helps. Been looking for an MP3 player that doesn’t solely play “Far far far away.”, so I’m in for at least 2.