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The Rifle Scabbard is GREEN. I could not fine any mention of exactly what it was on the internet and it’s hard to tell from the photos exactly what color it is. Tan? Green? Olive? Thanks woot, thanks a lot.

You are correct, this Rifle Scabbard comes in your classic OD Green.

The big bore pistol bag is poorly designed. There are a couple of deep pocket storage pouches and a row of magazine sleeves. The pockets don’t secure your pistol and the magazine sleeves are much too deep for a pistol magazine.

So is you want your pistols to swim around in you carry bag and you want to have to dig-out your magazines from the sleeves, this is the pistol bag for you. I wondered why there were no pictures of the inside of the bag in any of the ads this bag has appeared in… well, if you saw pictures, you wouldn’t buy it. Nice move Woot guys, you got me.


The big bore pistol case is designed for carrying very large pistols…up to Winchester hunting revolvers. There is most definitely movement in the pockets if you place smaller hand guns, but can hold 3 9mm, .380 even .45’s by placing 2 of the pistols in each pocket and the third pistol in the middle of the compartment overlapping each pocket. This will prevent the 2 pistols in ea pocket from moving about.

Not knocking your comments… it is a very large bag… but just wanted to explain why we made it so big…

We’re curious… what kind of handgun do you have that you used with this case?

Thanks for checking us out!

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Some more info on our Scoped Rifle Scabbard:


And the Big Bore Pistol Case: