Go Tell It On The Pinnacle Speakers

Arin With Pinnacle Speakers Here team Leader @ Pinnacle customer support. Welcome Woot Community to another Pinnacle special event. I am here to assist with any and all questions you may have about our products, your own decision, etc. I have worked here at Pinnacle, a family owned and operated USA based company for 8 of their 37 years. Only 1 independently owned and operated speaker company has been in business longer, so I guess that means we do a few things right. Among them is top quality product and customer support. I have extensive product knowledge and have a variety of engineers and other people on this side here to assist if need be. No question is “DUMB” so please ask away. Wooters who have bought our product are welcome to assist other Wooters. Enjoy the event!


Could you tell me what the model #s are for the subs included in the MB11500+ and MB9500+?

Hi Arin!

I already have 2 baby boomers, and they sound great! Is there any way you can convince me not to get the SuperSonic sub to annoy my neighbors even more? Would 2 SuperSonics be overkill for a 7.2 setup? Thanks!

Hello Mancho. Our normal policy is not to break down the individual items in our bundles. BUT, since this is such a bargain on both MB 9500+ and MB 11500+ and the nature of these events are snooze lose, we will further help clarify the value of these deals and reveal the components in each system for you.

MB11500+ consists of 3 BD 200 for Front and Center Channels, acoustically timbre matched across front.
2 BD 100 as rear surrounds, also timbre matched to the fronts
1 PSSUB 225 Powered subwoofer, which is also available individually in this sale.
50’ Monster cable THX certified

MB 9500+:

4 BD 100, Front Left/Right and Rear left/Right channels
1 BD 200 as Center Channel
50’ MOnster Cable THX certified

I would doubt even used merchandise is this big a bargain.

I hope this helps.

Hello, well doing the HOKIE POKIE with 2 SUPERSONICs would be quite a thrill. But seriously, both use dual driver configurations and the Baby Boomer is faster and more accurate on music. BUT, for movies and esepcially in a large room, there is nothing that can come close to 2 SUPERSONICS. They are the top of our line without getting into the RHINO series at $2,000+.

So, an arrangement with 1 Baby Boomer and 1 Supersonic is possibly the best mix placing the Baby Boomer closer to the main speakers as the front sub and the SUPERSONIC in the rear. But, if you have the large room, definately go for the 2 SUPERSONICS and again, especially at these WOOT exclusive offers. I think your neighbors will become better friends as you invite them over to enjoy. The upgrade would be significant, good as the Baby Boomers are.

Woot Community, If you compare the value of modle MB 11500+ to an alternate set up:

1 SFIT CTR 350
1 PSSUB 225

The MB 11500+ stands out as a remarkable value. And it includes Monster cable.

The above configuration is quite terrific in it’s own right, but when we put together a complete system Bundle, we drive the value to the max.

Hello Woot Community. Arin with Pinnacle here with some recommendations. If you are picking up the Emerson TV on sale, we strongly recommend our FRONTROWPBAR6200 SOUNDBAR to go with it. Or FRONTROWSYS8210 which includes the SOUNDBAR and wireless subwoofer. Either of these 2 products would add a considerable acoustic dimension to the flat panel TV and either hook up with a simple quick connect cable direct to the TV.

If you are on TECH WOOT looking at the high end Pioneer receivers, we strongly recommend MB 11500+, MB 9500+ or separate systems such as:

1 BABY BOOMER Subwoofer superb for music and movies or
1 PSSUB 225 in a 350 square foot room or larger.

USe SUPERSONIC if the room is larger than 400-500 square’ and if you have audiophile taste.

The Pioneer receivers are excellent in our view and compatibility with all our speakers here is not a question.

We hope this assists.

Can the Pinnacle Speakers Front Row PBAR 6200 175W Soundbar output to a separate wired sub without a receiver? I have a Polk PSW505.

Great help. Thank you very much!

I do not believe so, but how is the Sub hooked up if no receiver?

Still in the market for a receiver… Looked at the Pioneer but it’s a little out of my budget range.

I see. If you pick up a receiver than the correct product would be QP9W and that would represent the front left/right and center channels all in 1 very high quality SPEAKERBAR. It would be connected to the receiver.

If, however you want to add considerable acoustices to a flat panel TV without a complete home theater set up, than purchase model FRONTROWSYS8210 which does not need a receiver, hooks up directly to the TV and includes it’s own wireless subwoofer.

So, again, with a receiver select QP9W as front channels and we also strongly recomment one of our powered subwoofers, either baby Boomer or PSSUB 225, if no receiver, the correct choice is FRONTROWSYS8210.

We hope this information is helpful for you

I purchased the QP9 speaker bar for my system a while ago. Now I have moved into a larger room and am wondering if I can use it as a center speaker and put some right and left channel speakers on the side. I was thinking of bridging the right and left connections all to the center so that it’s one big center. Would this be too wide? Would this be too much for my receiver? Would the baby boomer be a good fit?

Some observations, but the reason people may shy away from the package deals is because they usually aren’t sure what’s in them, which you solved here nicely by telling us, much thanks…and people usually prefer a different sub than the one offered (or they suspect is being offered) in a package.

If sans sub the MB11500+ was $250-300, I’d be all over it and then pick up another baby boomer or the supersonic (or some other brand like hsu). The 225 sub doesn’t quite fit the bill for me.

Hi, If you want to use the QP9W only for center channel application than it is best to just use the Center channel inputs and disconnect left and right. Bridging all 3 channels into the receiver center channle would lower the impedence too much and could harm the amp.

The BABY BOOmer is an outstanding match to QP9W. Highly recommended. Finally, if you want to pick up SFITCTR 350 for only $79 you can use that as the center and allocate QP9W elsewhere.

Thank you very much for your thoughts. On our side we have put a lot of thought into these pre-set system configurations specifically tpo assist people who are not comfortable navigating through all the possible options. In our view, the MB 11500+ along with Baby Boomer or SUPERSONIC is an amazing system, and still a ridiculous bargain even with the “EXTRA SUB”, which you can always sell off or use elsewhere, make for a holiday gift etc.

Or just grab the sub now, and work out the 5 other speakers next time.

Again, we sincerely appreciate your feedback.

Would anyone be able to let me know the ohms of the speakers please for Pinnacle Speakers 5.1 Channel 700W Audiophile Home Theater System MB9500+

A quick Google search listed it as having “Impedance :8 ohm” but I’m not sure that is accurate.

I’ll PM the vendor and see if they can verify/and or answer your inquiry.

Thanks for the question!

Yes, nominal 8 ohms for MB9500+ and MB 11500+ speakers