… even though I really don’t ‘need’ anymore, what with it being into the upper 80s this week. Still! AA! Long sleeves! Yay!

Kinda getting warm out here, but I like the long sleeves…

Decisions decisions…

I probably will wait for tank tops.

Buying three of these. I would like to know why the long sleeves only go to 2XL. I’m buying one, but really need a 3x. C’mon woot, make it happen.

Seems a lot of progress was made at the Entmoot.

(need more land)

Unfortunately not in any of my favorite designs. Fingers crossed that this trend continues.

Oh, I would buy long sleeve shirts. If only I could find a couple I like.

That S’mores one is adorable. I had a ditz moment and decided to translate it X3

WooHoo! I’ve been asking for these at every opportunity! Winters are moderate enough in my area that a long sleeve t-shirt is usually warm enough to get me through all but the coldest days. I wish some different options were offered, but I might have to spring for one of these, regardless.

Thanks, shirt.woot!

Alas, the AA 2007 is only offered up to 2XL.

Oh snap! Just noticed it was AA! Damn it, spending more money now >.<

I, too, wish the long-sleeved shirts and the jersey hoodies came in 3X.

Also, sorry if I overlooked this, but is the Pterodactyl with a Machine Gun shirt printed in its usual glow-in-the-dark ink? I don’t see that stated in the description… This is my all-time favorite design, and I want totes and long-sleeved tees and jersey hoodies, but all in GITD… That is what really makes it so special. :sunglasses:


SUPER (SUUUUPER!!!) excited to see long sleeve options (wearable in summer where I am, too…keeps the bugs off!), but bummed that the design I really want it short sleeve only!! Wah!!!

If I settle for designs I don’t really care for, I will never wear them, so what’s the point?