Go Wireless For Once



So, who wants to share what they know about the Media Receiver? Do you have one? How well does it to the job for you?


you can get NBG5715 @ the egg for cheaper with free shipping.


Correct: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16833181161

$109.99 until Sept 23rd. Correct me if I am wrong, but some states won’t charge tax too. But please verify that one!


Is this product a good buy? Does it work? Has anyone used it?


Can the media server be linked wirelessly? I would assume not, based on the description and specs, but it’s in the “Go Wireless” woot+


In the past I have used a lot of different routers like netgear, etc and I have to say I was very happy I ordered this last time woot had it for sale. Not only is this THE easiest router that I have set up it is 1 of the best! I have 3 computers hard wired to it , a wii running netflix and I have 2 laptops running wireless. I couldn’t ask for more and I am going to buy an extra one in case mine goes out but so far not one problem with it so I say buy buy buy!


Can someone please explain the 3G/4G router for me? Is this something you would buy to get wireless on-the-go data from a carrier? (like, Verizon, AT&T, Clear, etc.)? Or, do you already have to have some other device and this is an extra wi-fi or something…??


The MWR222 is a wireless gateway/router. If you have a wired source or a 3G/4G USB Mobile Broadband adapter, you can connect it to the MWR222 and then connect your devices wirelessly. You have to already have the internet access.

internet access -> MWR222 -> your WiFi-enabled devices


several reviews at the egg…
plus and con… it seems

but it’s $109 with shipping included there … in CA we get sales tax, just as we would here…



Word of caution on the NBG5715 Dual-Band Wireless N router…

The latest firmware breaks Dynamic DNS. There is an error somewhere in the code that causes DynDNS not to function when you add your credentials. Luckily, my IP address doesn’t change, so it’s not been much of an issue.

Also, for whoever cares, it’s running OpenWRT as an OS…


Can I use one of these routers on my century link DSL account and quit paying for their router fees?


You can use it as a regular wifi access point that you can carry around, like at a hotel that only has a wired connection, too, but the main use is to add wifi to a USB broadband modem.

Usually these modems only work with the computer they are plugged in to, but this allows you to use tablets and stuff, too.

I moved last month and it was a week before I got my Internet access hooked up. I used one of these (the lesser version with one RJ45 jack) and my USB broadband modem in the interim. I plugged it into a switch and got everything online.

More often I use it in the car.

If you don’t already have a USB broadband modem (with associated monthly service) it is of limited value. These days you can get a mobile hotspot from your carrier instead of the USB thing.


So would this device make any sense over the buffalo bridge/AP I’ve got set up in my outbuilding, plugged into a zyxell powerline adapter? Because the thing I have out there brings the signal in, but it’s throwing out IP conflicts. Since it’s not set up to do that, I don’t get it.

This little thing: would it be different? I don’t travel much so the 3g/4/g wouldn’t thrill me, but portability of reliable internet connection does.



never thought i’d say this, but… “does it work with my macbookpro)?” ZyXEL NSA310 1-Bay Media Server specs seem to suggest windows is required to set it up, but it says it works with itunes and safari.

also, hard drive not included. seems high for an empty shell…


Yes, it uses Time machine to back up your stuff, or you could always drop and drag over via the finder.


I purchased the NS210 a model before this, it’s not bad. I was using a tower PC as my media server and just got tired of turning it on and off so I wanted something that I could upgrade and just leave on.

This is not wireless, but you can just plug it into any Ethernet port, I have my NS next to the router anyway.

When I started with this I just had windows laptops, I just added a network drive and boom can copy over all my stuff, the TV reads the DLNA and plays videos well.

Then my girlfriend moved in and she has a M A C, I learned that it is very easy to just turn on TimeMachine and let it rip, I have never had a M A C or have backed one up but it’s not a super quick processes.

You can add Dydns and remote admin, you can also RSS download mp3 and podcast also torrent’s that you can schedule to do during your sleep time.

You can also point your browser to the IP and watch movies and listen to music that you have already on the NS.

But there is no “backup” program to put on your computer, I just use “Syncback free” on my windows and fro the M A C the Timemachine just does its thing, does the trick.

I am also able to back up my android, it also has a itunes server… Never used it not really sure what it could offer me.

I think mine could take up to a 3Gig drive; this newer model might take bigger.

I haven’t had a problem with it but I also wasn’t expecting too much.

Also you can cut up the drives into shares; I have all our backups going to private shares (folders).

It also can run multi backups at once, I have Timemachine running on two laptops and syncback on windows and it was backing up all 3 at the same time.


I bought the portable wireless router to use for my home router… cause it was cheap. Only gripe is that I have signal strength issues, the signal can hardly make it to my upstairs bedroom with my Ipod. However my wife’s laptop gets the signal pretty well up there. Other than that its great!


I have a similar device from Asus. Mine is smaller (think of a Bic lighter) but doesn’t do 802.11n and only one ethernet port. I usually use it for hotel rooms where I get one hardwire port (no wireless) or have to pay per device. This way I link through it and all my devices are wireless. Worked particularly well once when on vacation with the wife in Hong Kong where we had two laptops and two smartphones but only one hardwire internet connection on a small desk.

Don’t know if it’s just my unit but sometimes I can’t get the set-up to work. Like once at a hotel in Taipei I couldn’t share the connection no matter what I tried while other times it’s just plug and play.

Totally worth it at this price if you business travel at all.