Goal Zero Bolt Rechargeable Flashlight

**Item: **Goal Zero Bolt Rechargeable Flashlight
Price: $19.99
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Condition: New

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Good reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Some good reviews (3.7 out of 5.0) can be found over at goalzero.com

I got one of these the last time they were up on woot. Alas, it was broken. Hoping for better luck with the replacement. I suggest buying three, so maybe your luck on getting a working one will be higher, and you won’t have to wait for replacements.

It has potential. Rechargeable lithium is definitely the way to go these days. The jury is out on whether THIS is among the stars though.

Take a look at the Product Manual

Good to have an emergency flashlight in your car, just in case. Per the manufacturer, this flashlight has a built in smart charger diode installed on the Bolt itself that will stop it from charging when it is full.

Nice smooth output. The focusability is very useful for adjusting the throw. When shined toward a white ceiling or wall, it functions as an excellent lantern, flooding diffuse light throughout the room.

The built-in recharger is both a pro and a con. It’s great to not have to drag around a separate 18650 charger, and to be able to charge off a USB port. Unfortunately, it also means that you can’t use the flashlight while it’s charging. The simple solution is to buy some spare batteries and an external charger on ebay for about $2.

Another con is that this only use 18650 batteries. Other flashlights include an adapter that can use 3xAAA batteries. The ability to use readily available AAA batteries can be a lifesaver when no electricity or outlet is available, i.e. during a blackout, or while you’re camping.

18650’s are standard fare for vapers :slight_smile: We tend to have a bunch of them around, not to mention actual chargers. Neat to have another use for the batteries.

Just as an FYI, don’t go all cheapo on the external chargers for 18650’s if you go that route. They have a tendency to fry the batteries randomly…as I suppose all cheapo chargers do.

I got three of these, and all three are great. I’m getting three more, if I have the cash. Got to check the bank first.

Have you tried this yet? This reviewer on amazon said something about the fact that you can’t actually charge other 18650’s in this flashlight…


I got two of these last time out on Woot! and give them a big Thumbs Up!. If your into Emergency Preparedness, these have several pluses. First off, the 18650 gives a long run time. Also, the ability to charge these lights off of a Mini USB is an excellent feature. Most of us have a Mini USB in house as well as car to charge other devices. Also if you have any type of External Power Pack with USB you can also charge it thru the Mini USB.

The light is well built and I have not had any issues. Is there better flashlights out there? Sure. But, I do like this light for the above features. Also, I would never put all of my flashlight eggs in one basket. I have plenty of AA, AAA 123 Lights as well.

If you are into Emergency Preparedness, you cannot have enough flashlights. But this is certainly one of the top in my arsenal.

Of Note: BTW, the 18650 that comes with these looks like it is Proprietary. It doesn’t have the button / dimple on the positive end of the battery that one expects to see. I have used two different makes of 18650 in the light that have the button / dimple and they charged and performed just fine.

Thanks so much for addressing this concern. Others comments had me worried. This will act as a backup charger for my brighter, apparently more efficient, lights in a pinch.

Really though? Less than 200 lumens with a 2 hour runtime? Is the battery it comes with like 1000mah? Lol

I have bought these now two times on woot for a total of 5 units. I travel to some pretty far off places and I charge the Goal Zero with my SunPort solar charger…BINGO…! I now have power,light and a great flashlight wherever I go. Get the SunPort on Woot. Now your taliking.

Is focusability a word? I mean it sounds good but looks like it should be two separate words?

It’s morning, coffee hasen’t hit bottom yet. Happy 4th everyone!

You’ve posted this exact same message on several woots-hmm work for sunport? At least provide a link to your site LOL

I bought one of these a couple weeks ago when Woot had them then. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. My husband says I’m a flashlight junkie, but I am picky as well when it comes to reliability and quality. The only two surprises that came with this light are 1) it gets SUPER hot when it’s been on just a few minutes…where the bulb is. I was using it in the attic while putting away a few things and when I clicked it off and put it in my pocket to head down the steps, felt the intense burning immediately… didn’t set my pants on fire or anything though, but it definitely hurt like hell. 2) And it ONLY charges via the USB, but that comes with an adapter to plug into the wall. For some reason, I thought the USB was a 2nd charge option, but it’s not. Super powerful light, and love the ability to focus the beam or use it like a huge floodlight. Very pleased!

PASS. I never buy anything with non-standard batteries because it isn’t worth worrying about it. The rechargeable batteries in many devices these days do no last very long because no one treats them according to the best recommended practices.

My XBox’s rechargeable controllers only lasted 2 years of light use; some generic modules I bought from NewEgg only lasted a year. They all had 2100mAh AA NIMH batteries that I can replace with 3500mAh units @ $1 a piece (eBay) - or regular alkaline AA batteries work too.

Agreed but 18650’s are cheap and readily available (Meritline, etc.). At ~$4 each with the capacity/weight of the cells, I dare say that they have the AA batteries beat. Your argument works when you are talking about proprietary batteries (when you have very few options and they are all expensive). Not so with 18650’s - more capacity, longer shelf life (think how much you pay for Enloops…), and cheaper (3 Enloops > 1 18650). Now I wish I can get my laptops and camera to use them and I would be set!

I got one of these the last time around, too. Seems like a neat idea, and the flashlight itself seems to work, but I think the battery it came with is dead. It only powers the light for about 90 seconds or a little less, then flickers out. Lightly bumping the flashlight will turn the light on for a couple more seconds.

So instead of buying another flashlight, I’ll probably be spending my money on batteries.

I bought the same one on that popular auction site a few months ago. GREAT flashlight, although mine came with the AAA adapter…and cost less than half the price.

I will say that if you haven’t seen the power of a cree emitter yet, then you don’t know how bright these types of flashlights really are! Look them up on YouTube.