Goal Zero Bolt Rechargeable Flashlight

**Item: **Goal Zero Bolt Rechargeable Flashlight
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Pretty good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Additional info and solid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) can be found on the product page

Let’s read all about the warranty

These are probably the best flashlights I’ve got on Woot.

I’ve bought a few items from Goal Zero… an Escape 150 Power Pack, an Extreme 350 Power Pack and an Escape 30M Solar Panel Briefcase and I’ve been pleased with all of them. I wouldn’t call them “cutting edge” but they make useful, dependable, emergency power products that step up to the plate and don’t strike out when the power goes kablooie.

Says someone who could have all of two flashlights.

What are you comparing them to?

I bought one of these back in July on sports.woot for $20, and I love it. It’s nice and bright, I have been using it for a bike light and have had no problems with it. Haven’t given the battery a good test yet but I use it most days to bike home and have only charged it once, it wasn’t even dead, I just felt like it could use a charge. Would recommend if you are looking for a small-ish but good flashlight

Not quite as bright or solid/heavy as the LEDLenser flashlights I’ve gotten off Woot, but a very good, focusable light. My teenage boys like these.

Which do you like better - changing out AAA batteries (like the LEDLensers), or charging via a USB cable (like this flashlight)? You can take extra batteries or rechargables and a charger with you on a trip, or you can take your phone charger or other USB-out charger. The Bolt comes with the appropriate USB cable, BTW.

One other thing - the lanyards are very flimsy, pretty much all broke right away.

A couple of questions for people that have one of these:
1.) How does it do with drops/impacts?
2.) How hard is the button to press?
I am looking for a decent flashlight to mount onto a home defense shotgun, and if this is bright enough and it won’t switch itself off or break every time I shoot, then it’d be nice to spend just $15 instead of the huge prices charged by companies that market flashlights for that purpose.

Did I just miss it in the specs? Where is the lumen rating?

On the Features tab it says “160 Lumens”

not better or worst than buying a $10 Cree flashlight and a $10 18560 battery/charger from Ebay. Actually, Ebay carries something similar at a better price.

WOOT, you need to try harder.

This is probably one of the best rechargeable USB mini flashlights you’ll find on woot. Bought mine when it was $19.99 on Woot.

It holds charge really well. I haven’t charged it in 3 months, which is when I first bought it, and it still has quite a lot of battery life left.

Looks like it’s not water resistant… Kind of a dealbreaker, don’t want to have another thing to worry about keeping dry when camping.

Can anyone tell me if the batteries are included? Or are they extra?

On the Specs page:
Battery Lithium-ion, 18650, 3.7V 2Ah (7.4Wh)

got this on Woot for 5 dollars more and it was DOA.

Did you email Woot Member Services for some assistance? If not, I’d recommend emailing them with your order number and user name so they can help. support@woot.com