Goal Zero Outdoor

Wow, nice stuff—but just realize that if you buy any of these solar panels, you STILL need to buy a Power Pack to store or recharge any other device. The cheapest Power Pack they offer is the Escape150 which costs $200 and is NOT on sale. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great product with an AC inverter, direct USB and 12v DC charging available.
Just don’t expect to buy a solar cell for $150 and be up and running, it’ll cost you at least $200 more than that.

The flash light kit seems complete for $55 though, right?

That’s right, as well as the Nomad 7 Lighthouse Combo! The panels included in these kits will also charge most handheld USB devices, like Cell phones, MP3 players, etc.!

I currently own the Boulder 15, a Nomad 7, and the Escape 150 battery pack and invertor. Personally I am happy with all of them and will probably buy more. The Nomad 7 is great for when I go hiking, I can plug my Iphone in with my Nomad 7 strapped to my packpack using the GPS function and at the end of the day my iphone is still charged. The LED lights are very bright and the Escape 150 can power 8 which is enough to light up and entire campsite for hours. You can daisy chain the Boulder solar panels together for quicker charging as well. As someone mentioned the battery packs are expensive but if you camp alot these are great.

Woot had the battery pack for sale here a couple of months back for about $90 I think. just start building your set on a piecemeal basis. get the panels now ($75 is the cheapest I’ve seen them, even cheaper than costco) and the lights and then get the battery when it pops up here again…

Yep, they had the battery like you said and we got 3 of them (before they sold out!)
We were just waiting for the panels to show up… Wooty!

Got the Escape 150 when it was up before, then bought a Nomad 27 solar panel elsewhere. Great system, worked very well. Personally I would suggest the Escape 30 over the Boulder 15, the latter takes quite a while to charge the Escape 150 battery.

Picking up some of the LED lights now - a friend had them, they are nice and bright.

We got one (1) escape 150 battery pack back in june on woot. works great. mostly using it to power xmas lights under the easy-up when car camping (at music festivals). or charging the phone. already love it.

in june there was talk about solar panels in the future (which is now) so patiently waited and just ordered the escape 30 briefcase.


Man, I have such terrible timing. I bought the escape 150 from here, and have been waiting for the solar panels. Now I have missed the 30 watt solar panels twice.

PLEASE PLEASE offer these up again soon!

If you keep watching, the Escape should go up again. Mine was a huge hit when I supervised the buses of teenage campers coming home from their “unplugged” sessions. With a few choice adapters, I was charger up to 6 devices (cell phones, net books, etc) and plugging it in when we stopped at Mickey D’s for lunch gave me renewed power to do homework on my laptop the rest of the way.
But is it advisable to duct tape the unit to the top of a vehicle so I can collect power AND drive at the same time?
BTW, I have a cheap (got it at Autozone, not on their site, but found similar below) 12-volt socket splitter with 2 USB ports that sits in my cup holder. I’ve taken to charging as much as I remember while I’m driving.

Even you mentioned it the ones with direct USB do not require a Power Pack at all. So like the lantern the flashlight and that panel is great at charging anything that can take USB. We have one that comes with a speaker (great set too bad they didn’t have).

A solar powered flashlight ? There’s a joke here somewhere…

Uggh! I check the Woot of the day every morning, when I get my email, but I don’t see these Woot Plus deals throughout the day. I have the Escape 150, but keep missing the panels and lights at killer prices as well!

Not a joke! The Bolt Flashlight is a 160 lumen focus flashlight that charges from any USB power source when the built-in rechargeable lithium battery gets low or is drained. So, use it at night (3.5 hour runtime on the high beam setting, 6 hour runtime on the low beam setting), and plug it into the Nomad 3.5 during the day!


Thirded. I logged in to buy one of the 15W panels and some one had just bought the last of them.

Aaargh me too! Fourthed?

Fifthed! (I guess)

I missed the Briefcase Panel, it had already sold out. I’m in for three under my account and three more under my wife’s account as soon as you guys offer them again. And, at $75 each, I’d buy the 15’s as fast as you can make them. I notice though that they are no longer listed as even having been for sale - but I swear they were there for $75. Seriously, I’ll send an irrevocable letter of credit and buy them all day long. Call China and ramp up.

I can’t bring myself to pay what they want for these on eBay, Amazon, etc. - perhaps that may be a downfall to selling at woot! in this manner, but I simply can’t give $230 for something I know I can wait and buy for $150.

If you bring them back at $150, I’m in for six (or more). IMHO, that really should be the retail on these panels, seems to me $150 is the sweet spot. Lord knows both Goal 0 AND woot! made money selling them at $150 and Goal Zero probably sold 100 times as much as they would have on any other day - maybe they should consider a price reduction, as I would almost guarantee that most all of the units you sold here will appear in the secondary market. At least I would USE them if I bought them at the bargain price, rather than flood eBay with them.

I’m REALLY kicking myself for missing this deal (if you can’t tell).

So sad I missed this…again :frowning:

Me want fancy solar briefcase!