Goal Zero Portable Power Essentials Kit

Goal Zero Portable Power Essentials Kit
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Goal Zero Portable Power Essentials Kit
Price: $69.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Tuesday, Jan 28 to Friday, Jan 31) + transit
Condition: New


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Check out the Product Page or some reviews from Costco

This is a great solar panel. I took 2 nomad 7 panels with me on an extreme trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp and they kept my devices charged over the entire trek.

Very light and durable. Highly recommended.

Always something cool when I’m broke… ALWAYS.

To clarify, the reviews from 2012 on Costco.com are not of the exact kit on Woot.com today. The kit back in 2012 included the original Nomad 7 (with side pocket) and Guide 10 version 1. The kit on Woot.com includes the Nomad 7 version 1.1 from 2013 that has a zipper pocket on the back of the panel (more space), and the Guide 10 Plus, which is a higher amp output than the Guide 10 version 1.

The Guide 10 Plus, included in this Woot.com event, has a 1.0 amp output compared to the 0.5 amp output of the original Guide 10. This means it can charge more devices, and it is a faster charge to your device. In most cases, it is just like charging from your phone’s wall charger (1.0 amp on an iPhone wall charger as an example).

Will the Guide 10 fit in the case so it’s all one nice package?

Let’s learn all about Goal Zero and how it all works

Can I daisy-chain my old Nomad 7 to this model?

Yes, there is even enough storage for your cell phone and the Guide 10 Plus as well.

Not on the Nomad 7 included in this kit. Sorry.

The chaining capability began on our most recent version of the Nomad 7. The one with the green stripe through the fabric.

This makes me a little sad, I should have held out for the newer version. Do you guys have a trade up program at all?

When did you purchase yours? The cool thing about GOAL ZERO is that we continually innovate. The downside is that with that innovation comes some confusion as to which version someone has. Are you sure you have the old version?

The original Nomad 7 has a fabric pouch, some call it a pocket. This version has a zipper pocket. Which one do you have?

The original Guide 10 just says “Guide 10” on it, whereas this version, which is the current, newest version says “Guide 10 Plus” in green. Which one do you have?

I got it last year, Julyish. It looks like this:


So it looks like I have the newer one…I am still tempted to buy a second one, haha.

Thank you for posting a link about GOAL ZERO’s roots! Our mission is to emPower people, wherever they may go.

I invite everyone to check out the GOAL ZERO story link, and see what we’re all about.

You have the 2013 model that is being sold in this Woot event. If you want a new Nomad 7, with chaining capability, I’m sure someone in our Solutions Center would love to work out a deal for you. I couldn’t give any details about what that deal might be, but it retails for $79.99 by itself, no power pack, no extra set of AAA batteries, and no Luna light.

I personally do not think that the chaining capability would be enough reason to upgrade. This panel has all the same outputs to your devices, so just because you add another Nomad 7 in the chain, does not mean you will necessarily charge your devices faster through the built in USB. You may be able to charge the AA and AAA batteries in the Guide 10 Plus faster, or charge a 12V device faster, but not significantly enough to make it an easy upgrade decision.

This is the best deal anyone will ever find on this product, which is a combination of our most popular products, including the Luna Light, and you get the AAA batteries too! What a fantastic USB light, I might add. I’m using it right now, as a matter of fact because my keyboard doesn’t light up. Makes for a great reading light solution, when coupled with the Guide 10 Plus included in this kit.

The Luna Light will last for 15-20 hours on one Guide 10 Plus charge.

And thank you for being here to answer our questions. Always nice to see a rep come by and help us make an informed decision.

Can this Solar Panel charge laptops at all?

No, it is not designed to charge laptops. Laptops require more consistent power at a higher voltage. I would recommend our GOAL ZERO Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit for laptop applications. Great question!