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More info, and review on the Product Page for the 150

A quick scan of the specs tells me that this is, yet another, under-powered, over-hyped wanna-be-“green” failure.

The solar panel, under IDEAL conditions produces only 15W. “10-20 hours” to fully charge the battery (4point font: IF all 10-20 of those hours are in full noon day Sun.) Where is it high noon 24/7? Ah… perhaps this is useful in polar orbit. Here on Earth, outside the tropics, I can’t imagine anyone would find this functional. Also, the USB port has a maximum output of 0.5A! That won’t even charge an iPhone, and doesn’t even come close to the 2A required for an iPad, or many other USB charged devices.

A nice idea, but an epic fail for solar power, yet again.

Well, maybe in an emergency situation where all you need is enough power for a radio and LED flashlight, this would suffice.

Good reviews on Best Buy

Bought one last June 18th when they were on woot, thought with loosing power all the time in the winter I would get one to power my laptop and Internet card. Sure enough Christmas Day the power went off, weather just as forecast, I had charged this thing for three days prior. Battery dead on laptop after a few hours and I hooked it up to the Goal Zero and in two hours I had just that, Zero…Keep your money this is a bust, unless you need a boat anchor.

I use my Goal Zero 15 watt solar panel to charge two Guide 10 Plus packs - which have a USB port. I then use that device to recharge my GPS, cell phone, etc. It takes about 4 hours of full sun to completely recharge the batteries.

This way, one device is always charging from the battery pack while another battery pack is being recharged.

The Guide 150 works well, but it’s too heavy to comfortably lug around.

Check out the product page for additional info and some good reviews on the Boulder 15 (4.3 out of 5.0)

A handful of nearly perfect reviews (4.8 out of 5.0) on the Boulder 15 over at amazon

Only one of those 5 star reviews is from a VERIFIED PURCHASER.

My initial thought that this Goal Zero Power was a new portable Dyson “bladeless” fan…


yes, I’m silly enough to have bought the above bladeless USB RoboFans and it works fine. Heck, I’m such a fan of these “bladeless” fans that I have 5 variants of it, including the original Dyson. And I was all excited when I saw Woot’s photo of this, thinking that I’d add another fan to my collection but alas…

From the Description:

You’ve come a long way, baby!
If you recognize the reference, it’s time to start thinking about Botox… :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback! The Boulder 15 is not meant to be a direct charger for your cell phone or other USB handheld device like our Nomad 13. It is a 12V battery charger. That is why we couple it with a 12V battery in the Escape 150, which stores the energy collected from a wall outlet, car charger (sold separately) or solar panel(s). Panels are easily chainable for quicker charge, and please ensure to recharge the Escape 150 once every couple of months so you don’t end up with a dead battery when you need it most. We would advise to have the Escape 150 plugged into a power source all the time. That way, you’re good to go when the power goes out, or on the first night at camp.


I’m sorry you had a bad experience and we’d like to take care of the issue. Please call our Solutions Center during the business week or reach out to them via email, and we’ll take care of you! We want you to enjoy our product as much as we do!


Given that modern laptops use about 80W and this is only a 150Wh battery, 2 hours sounds just right.

If you need longer-lasting power, you need something along the lines of the Extreme 350 but that’s much heavier and also require the ExtremeUI inverter if your laptop doesn’t take direct 12V. (I have one, it’s around 30 lbs)

This thing’s designed for SMALL electronics, or just short charge. Tablet, phone, yes. Laptop, very short term.

For the solar side, the Boulder 30 is their bigger daisy-chain-able panel, and there’s a frame for having up to 4 together, but it’s significantly larger than the 15. Not to mention more expensive. :slight_smile:

Welcome back to Woot and thank you for staying up to answer questions!

They’re up all night for to ask questions… I’m up all night to give good answers… We’re up all night to get great deals! We’re up all night to get great deals!!..

Hopefully someone gets my poor attempt at referencing Daft Punk. If you do, you definitely don’t need Botox.

Oh man, it’s too late…

I think I remember this product selling out last time it was on woot!, so people may want to grab it when they still can get one!

(I couldn’t search it effectively, so please correct me if I am incorrect)

How about putting up some Light-a-lifes or Lighthouses? I need some more of those…although I am tempted to get another Boulder 15 :slight_smile:

Thank you, you sound concerned, however, I did that the day after and Results certainly were not of concern then. I purchased in June 18 and never used until December25, too long it seems from your customer service to be of help…even though that was the first use and first plug in was three days before use. So much for good posture in front of the masses. Two different attitudes at sale and at service. Bet you don’t post this one long.