Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Solar Bluetooth Speaker

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Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Solar Bluetooth Speaker
Price: $35.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Wednesday, Aug 08 to Monday, Aug 13) + transit
Condition: New


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Soooo, is it a six month warranty, or a three month warranty?
And WTF is “campeifjcchdjtthjitinuffintjbdcgfbdnnjjirdfrenfb
I mean,I can’t even try cleaning my keyboard with a paper towel and come up with something that random.
It’s like you had two drunken midgets trying to fight each other on ur keyboard.
Oh wait, my mistake. You call them “editors”.
That’s probably why they have a charge time of 8hrs on 0.7w and two hours on 1.5w.
Problems with Physics, math, spelling… Hell I could work for you guys. And get paid even

Charge on the fly?

So are these “New” or “Refurbished”? The main description says condition “New”, but under Specs, in the Box, it states “(1) Goal Zero Rock Out 2 Solar Speaker - Refurbished”.

Everything I own from Goal zero has met or exceeded my expectations…

on a side note the MSRP for this speaker on their site is $99 not 129 as listed here.

Currently on Amazon…

EDIT: My bad, these are not the same!

Green: $22.95 (-$13.04)
Blue: $24.88 (-$11.11)
Real Tree Camo: $27.30 (-$8.69)

Red: $27.30 (+$5.26)

those don’t have the solar panels, as much as the description says. look at the pictures.


there’s your solar prices

The ones on Amazon do not appear to be Bluetooth.

is this a type where it looks like someone had a seizure typing camp fire “ifjcchdjtthjitinuffintjbdcgfbdnnjjirdfrenfb”

I hope I didn’t miss an email saying to look for codes.

Amazon is non solar and the one on Woot is the real deal…nice price if its not refurb. i have several and great for bk up and hiking. i reccommnend buy a 10K solar panel for all sorts of power down issues…along with the speaker…great combo

My fellow wooters,

It is with a heavy heart that I have come to announce that one of our friendly office gremlins, Thomas, has been fed after midnight and, as a result, unleashed his anger on this listing, causing the issues you have all thoughtfully pointed out here.

There is good news, though, Wooters. This item is indeed in New condition, mint, brand new. If you ordered thinking it was a refurb - happy surprise!

Alas, there is always bad to temper the good. The warranty, sadly, is only 90 days. If you purchased due to the longer warranty listed, please contact Customer Service. Also, there is no hidden code, unless Thomas made one up before we got him corralled again.

Ok seriously though, here are the facts:

  • New condition
  • 90 day warranty
  • Campfire is not spelled with 600 random letters

Sorry about all this!

I bought one of these “brand new” from Woot. The thing sucked. It worked for one day and then kept shutting off every half hour after a full charge.
Bring back the Marley Liberate Bluetooth speaker…I’d buy 10 of those in a minute!

What is the sound quality like?

We just got ours and it won’t pair with any of our devices. Any suggestions? I am about to return it otherwise.