Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit

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Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar Recharging Kit
Price: $224.99
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Seems to have good reviews. Got 4.5 stars at manufacturers site.

Here is the link to product page http://www.goalzero.com/shop/p/149/Sherpa-50-Solar-Recharging-Kit/1:4/

I can’t say anything about the Sherpa, but I’ve got a nomad I picked up over the summer when I was living in the NM wilderness. super effective, it even charged in cloudy weather. also durable.
If I had 700 extra bucks I’d be in for three because they are chainable and totally worth it.

Very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at rei.com

The product page says won’t power MacBook Pro.

What about MacBook Air?

Review at outdoorgearlab.com

Hello everyone! To confirm, this is the latest and greatest Sherpa 50 (v2) that is being offered on Woot.com right now.

It is a 58 Watt hour power pack, which is equivalent to a 15,600 milliamp hour power bank at 3.7V.

It has one USB output at 1.5 amps, one 12V output, and a “laptop” port, with laptop tips (PC only) so you can charge your PC laptop directly from DC.

AC adapter is not included in this offer, but can be found for $49.99.

The Nomad 13 panel is included. It has numerous outputs including 12V, USB and a 6.5V output for charging our Guide 10 Plus power pack. This panel is chainable with other GOAL ZERO panels. The Nomad 13 will charge the Sherpa 50 v2 at least one time per day.

Thanks for checking it out!

Cool i just might

Using the AC inverter, sold separately, a MacBook Air can be powered from the Sherpa 50. You could expect close to one full charge to a MacBook Air from the Sherpa 50.

Some manufacturers make up their own reviews. Just sayin’…

When I am out in the wilderness I only bring a basic cell phone and a emergency radio/flashlight with hand crank to charge it if needed. Very small and light.

I am sure this is a great product but at this time it doesn’t fit into my lifestyle.

But this is me your situation may differ.

I’m assuming they say that it will not Power a Macbook due to the proprietary AC adapter connector that Apple uses.

Since I’m assuming your Macbook Air uses a MagSafe connection, no it will not power your Macbook Air as is. With that being said you can by the AC outlet that you can plug your devices directly into.

Hope this helps!

The fact that people need this in their lives makes me judge them. If I am going somewhere that this could be used, I am most likely going there to get away from whatever I am charging on it.

Just because I’m camping doesn’t mean I don’t also want to watch March Madness.

Depending on your use, this product certainly has a few advantages. However, I look at the price and cringe. It’s a 13 watt panel (1 amp or less output at 12v), a battery (presumably with some sort of charge controller), and a converter with charging tips. For $185, you can get a 100w panel with a charge controller in a kit…all you have to add is a battery and whatever charging adapter you wish. But of course you can’t stick it in your backpack! I guess my point is, if you’re not going to be toting it around, a traditional panel and accessories will be cheaper and/or produce more power.

Feel the same way and good point. I have a couple of goalzero’s 7watt panels. I have an off brand 14watt 4 panel unit that works really well too and seems more rugged. I do remember I paid less for it and it’s double the power. As far as storing power (like the battery unit), you can buy 10000 and up amp hour units what will run laptops, charge phones multiple times and costs a fraction. Needless to say, if your own a budget, there are way cheaper ways to go. But if I was living off grid in Alaska, I would be looking at something that has a pretty good rep. Goal Zero seems to have one.

Why for all that money don’t they include the ac charger??

Will this support a 12V inverter - the type that you plug into your car cigarette lighter and has a 2-prong outlet(s) Recommended?

This kit does not have the inverter so the retail price is wrong.

$359.98 should be the retail price