Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Recharging Kit

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Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Recharging Kit
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If I were to tailgate with this kit, can anyone tell me what I can power for 4 or 5 hours? A 32" flatscreen maybe?

That’s not the yeti I was looking for. WootSquatch where did you go!?

That isn’t the same unit. It has 2 USB ports, the one on this deal only has one.

A 32" TV will likely consume between 50-160 watts of power depending on the manufacturer and model. This “generator” in this kit has has a built in 80 watt AC inverter. If your particular TV set uses less than 80 watts, it has a chance of powering on. I say chance because 80 watts is likely peak output of the inverter and not meant as continuous use. Also, the inverter is probably a modified-sine wave inverter, which your TV may or may not like.

As far as how long your TV will stay powered, assuming it will power on at all? That again depends on the power consumption of your set. The “generator” in this kit is rated at 150Wh, so if your TV set consumes 75 watts, it can be powered for up to 2 hours. This runtime doesn’t factor in the solar panel recharge capability.

That is probably the most worthless description of a product I’ve ever seen from Woot, and THAT is saying something ! If you don’t know what a product does or how to use it just admit you are too stupid to be writing these things and quit wasting our time.

It looks like the same model number. Is this just an old version then? If so, can anyone tell what else was changed?

Although this looks way cool and a steal at the price, as I understand it it’s simply a solar panel that connects to a power pack composed of a 12 volt Lead Acid battery with a variety of recharging options. My understanding is it’s only good for low power items like cell phones, radios, cordless phone power bases, some LED lighting, small LED TVs - and some CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machines. I’d never heard of that last, but apparently this is a popular backup for them. I hear the company will provide adaptors for some older solar panels if you ask.

If you’re wanting to power a big-screen tv at a tailgate, looks like you’re going to have to stick to a portable gas generator for now.

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How many years of owning and using this would be required to make back the purchase price? 30? 40?

Will this work in a nuclear winter?

The solar panel in the best of circumstances puts out 20W. It’s only going to extend your 150Wh by about another half hour.

The battery is good for 3 years IF used and recharged about once a month. So, to answer your question,it will NEVER be worth the cost of buying it.

This is one of those things, like the 25-year life food storage you have in the basement, that you will probably never need…

But, if you ever DO need it, you are REALLY gonna need it.

I believe newer LED Tv’s require a lot less energy then everyone is implying. I would think you could run a new 32" TV on this for a while. Here is a website with some size/power consumption for Tv’s


This device stores 150 watt hours total. On the inverter it will shut down before that. You might get 80 watt hours. An energy star flat screen like some of the LG TVs uses around 25 watts so you might get 3 hours out of it.

I have both the Yet150 and the Yeti400. The yeti400 is infinitely better… 300 watt hours and a 300 watt pure sine inverter. Wait till goal Zero or Amazon puts them on sale… Roughly twice a year.

In a word, no.