Will it be the 1st… Edit nope

Looks like x-ray vision of his stomach. What did he eat? Or is that just intestines?

why is he dressed like the big lebowski?

I don’t see this being a big seller.

Prove me wrong, people!

Think WWF, only…goats.

So, it’s a goat-tee(shirt)?

Even if I don’t buy one, for me, I’m still having fun waiting to see what comes next and seeing what people have to say.

New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Georgia.

Wrestling goat.


Nebraskans! Nebraskans must know the secret! Tell us, O secluded ones!

Nebraskans don’t wrestle goats. They only… oh, never mind.


Are you going to buy the rest?

Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

with wrestling as a guilty pleasure of mine I so want this but alas…no money to buy it (darn it as I could buy on Friday)

Am I the only one that knows that this is a Daniel Bryan reference?

So glad I got one for my old go–husband! :slight_smile:


matty2jay: I guess so?

Google is a wonderful thing. On that note, I can see why it would.

I’m not a wrestling fan.