God Save The Princess

Hmmm… Thought she was in another castle…

Her hair is green, is she some sort of Joker–so to speak?

am I missing something?

why is the text over her eyes?

Justice is blind. And, it kinda looks like Pacman if you squint while drinking.

I’m not getting it either…get it? Cause I’m not buying the shirt…cause of the text…

Speed to first woot: 4m 2.600s

That’s gotta be a record.

Play off the ole Sex Pistols album

I don’t get it at all.

Reference to mario and the sex pistols album.

The more you know

Based on the cover art to the Sex Pistols song “God Save the Queen”:

Here’s a helpful little image for those who may be out of the loop:


The shirt is a reference to an old Sex Pistols album cover.

Here’s the original image:

Not many shirts will add to your street cred in both the video game and punk scenes. Shout-out to Kuwahara for making it happen here.

sex pistols, baby, sex pistols!

I’ve always wanted to be the first sucker to woot…and I’m always watching right at midnight. Missed my chance. sigh

maybe my Princess Peach loving niece will age gracefully into someone who appreciates the Sex Pistols reference?!?!?

I think it would have been better if the words would have been separated like the album cover.

Never mind the bollocks, here’s the Sex Pixels.

Records are Narfcake’s department. However, I can lend a theory that the long time to first sucker is likely due to the continuing woot-off on the main site and the wine.woot site.

And here I was reminded of the thing from Ghost in the Shell.