Godiva Assorted Chocolate Gift Box, 8 Ct

Godiva Assorted Chocolate Gift Box, 8 Ct

Are y’all trying to kill me with all this chocolate? I’m gonna weight 400 pounds after this.


Nice joke

We won’t judge.

everyone needs to understand: calories consumed during pandemic don’t count. (this has been known forever. or at least since noah.)


I don’t think my pants are paying attention

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Is this $10 for 8 pieces or 8 boxes of 8 pieces?

The specs have it all.

**** (1) Godiva Chocolatier Assorted Chocolate Gift Box, 8 Count***

Hold the phone. $10 for eight pieces of chocolate? Do these chocolates do anything other then add to my waist line? Do they have an “secret” ingredient that would make them so expensive? Gold? Marijuana? Truffles? Caviar? Or am I just paying a stupid amount of money for chocolate because of the brand name?


Ding, ding, ding…WE HAVE A WINNER!

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Godiva Chocolates are normally priced at $2 to $3 per piece of chocolate. So if you like their brand, I guess this isn’t a bad deal :woman_shrugging:

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Quality chocolates like from Godiva or See’s can be expensive.

So maybe don’t by chocolate from @Woot. Ours was all melted.

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