GoGear Emergency Preparedness Kit



I always purchase the emergency kits. Hey you never know.


Plus you have room to store 1000 cubic inch cubes!


It would be perfect if it included duct tape and a plastic sheet…


I’m in for one. I’ll just keep it in my truck for emergencies :slight_smile:


“a paper face mask”??



What does the multitool look like? I’d get it for that, but no picture.


no sulfuric acid???

i can keep my hands clean when i cut them up, but how do i dispose of the bodies??


Sad to say I do not understand. Please take it to woot! pm if an attempt to flair.


Ditto on the server comment! I’ll take a pass on the E-kit. Looks like a good deal, but I’ve already got what I believe I’ll need and I don’t see anything in this one that I don’t already have in my kits…



Last year’s model had the plastic ones, but they were kind of hard to breathe through.


There is a picture, but its basicly a generic tool that resembles a Leatherman Tool


To keep the kids busy with during emergencies. JKing, I think it’s actually for covering your mouth so you don’t breathe in nasty stuff.


Click on the picture.


Where’s the rope?


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GoGear Emergency Preparedness Kit
$9.99 + $5 shipping
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seems pretty useless.


Click on the picture


There is a picture of the multi-tool. Click on the picture of the emergency kit and a bigger picture will pop up. The bigger picture shows more detail.


hmmm, may be decent as gifts… shows that you care… but not a great lot.