Goin to Sonoma/Napa!!


Hey everyone.

First off thanks for all of the info from the forums here! I don’t post, but I read them regularly and have learned all sorts of stuff over the last few months.

Secondly, I am driving up to wine country with my parents this weekend. So far we have a room at the Double Tree in Sonoma Sunday and Monday nights and may stay another night if we run low on time.

I am looking on suggestions for must see vineyards, wineries, restaurants, etc. Do any places have deals on tastings that we can’t pass up? We want to take at least one full tour while we’re up there as well, who has a good one? My dad and I prefer reds and my mom is a lightweight.

Thanks in advance for the help and I’ll be sure to post after thoughts once we’re back and get a little more active on the forums here.

edit: sorry for the X-post, I posted in the wine section, so mods feel free to delete this one. thanks


I can’t speak for everyone here, but you might want to try the forums at wine.woot.
Those folks know their wine!!
Other than that, LKK and Uncorked here could maybe help you.
Good luck!


Isn’t this the wine.woot forum? I’m confused. It says wine.woot! on the top of the page.

edit: you’re right, I’ll post elsewhere, thanks


Sonoma has some excellent wineries that aren’t overpriced. Some are more comercial than others. The tours are usually at specific times or by appointment. The best way to find out is to check out the website - all the info, including tasting fees is usually listed there.
Many of the Sonoma wineries offer Estate and Commercial varieties. You will pay more for the Estate version, but it will be a higher quality than what you can find at your supermarket. I strongly suggest going with the Estate wines - since they will be something you can’t get elsewhere.
Our favorite stops: Here is a good link to get you started
Viansa - great nibbles and the most commercial of the lot
Homewood - fantastic “mom & pop” operation - good wines, good company, good prices
Ravenswood - simply the funnest place to visit - excellent late zin varieties
Cline - skip the “Red Truck” - you can get it at many locations - go for their ancient vines collections and their estate wines
Gloria Ferrer - champagne caves - a fun stop for nibbles and champagne - a bit
pricey, but worth it
Valley of the Moon - some really nice whites