Going Bananas

I took the plunge. I can’t resist the visual joke, especially with such a great colour palette. It’s also from the first derby I ever entered.

We get in trouble because we’re not playing well with others. Happens to the best of us. I’m living proof of that.

Congratulations to the artist! This is one of my faves from the text as art derby.

grats on the print. I quite liked this one, although I will not be buying. I’m hoping for something I like a lot more the rest of the week.

Nice old fig newton commercial reference. ranks right up there with the spinal tap reference on the home improvement description that noone got. im debating this one…i just bought dusty keys so i’ll have to wait until tommorow, though it will probably be sold out.

This is something I could wear, but I don’t know, I kinda wanna wait till the next durbys come on…I’m gonna sleep on it.

Congrats on the print though!

not a fan of text, ever. but for this i may make an exception.

ps, wtf woot where is my energy harvester shirt? they never take this long. :frowning:

i thought you were on there too, webby, and you’re always both so sweet : )

good shirt choice, woot!

Oh man, I eat about 10 bananas a week…I think I need this…

More editors choices! how cool… will have to update my double-take recap page.
Congrats, soothedbyrainfall! What a happy Monday suprise. Love this shirt… but if I wear it, wouldn’t that be admitting they were right all along??? :slight_smile:

They? You mean the voices? They’re usually right, but not always.

very very clever

But then you wouldn’t just be going banana’s, you would have gone bananas, and that is just so past tense.

Hehehe. Obviously you haven’t seen me in full bad girl mode, but thanks for the compliment! :slight_smile:

EDIT: This will probably get yanked for not being on topic. Oh, well.

I love this shirt!

Very nice. In for one.

very true… I did leave that out

lol… yeah, well, I’m quite sure they are in my case… but life is so much more fun! But I will proudly wear this shirt in an effort to make people think I haven’t actually gone yet. At least not completely…

im confused… (as always) it says the color is kelly green. but when compared to other kelly green shirts (i compared it to scury http://shirt.woot.com/friends.aspx?k=4107 ) its way darker… help?

A couple of months ago Woot updated their shirt template colours. I don’t think the new one is darker - it just looks more green whereas the old one had more of a blue-ish hue to it.

It’s kelly green, don’t worry. The actual shirt should be the same colour that you know; it’s just that the illustrated comps use a different colour now. :slight_smile:

I can actually say, I second this comment.