Going Gunnar

OK, where are the glasses that are in the main heading with the mirror lenses?

I just got a pair of the Haus tortoise shells when these were on the main page about a week ago. I was a little reluctant, and had wanted the black-fade-to-white haus glasses, but they were sold out. And these were as cheap as I ever saw gunnars so i went for it.

I really love them, and am glad I went with the tortoise shell. The amount of amber-color in the frame on my pair is a lot less than in the picture here, and it’s not as bright. They look really nice.

I know they say ‘gaming glasses,’ but I spend a lot of time at my computer compiling and analyzing research data, and have endured a lot of eye strain from it. I have perfect vision, no corrective lenses, so I was sure it had to do with focusing on a screen for hours. And it seems I was right. My eyes feel so much better with these on. The only issue is, when I take them off, the screen is actually really hard to look at, and it’s so blue!

The clickbait is real. Was wondering the same haha

I bought the “Gunnar Optiks SteelSeries Desmo Advanced Computer/Gaming Eyewear - Onyx/Orange” last time these were offered and Oh_My_Gawd …They are Horrible!!! Sure, this model is big and bug-eyed looking, but who cares about that?! I bought them for function - not style, and I now know they serve neither.

Woot! did great and delivered them fast and in perfect condition, but the super-harsh yellow GLARE they cast is unbearable, and the frames were so narrow that they really pinched and felt like a Vice on my head. (Admittedly, they also had a hard time finding a helmet to fit me in football - LOL). I gave them an honest shot several hours a day for a week in case an adjustment period might help, before tossing them in the shelves.

Anyway, even at the plummeting price of $39.99, I’d advise you keep looking. I’m left with the feeling that Gunnar is all marketing hype and no quality product. YMMV I’ll continue to look for higher quality Computer Glasses, for now. Cheers.

Let me get this right, You tried to use them for football?

More over, they run small, and he has a big head, thus the hard to find helmet.

Whoa! Wait a Minute!! It’s not like one of those colossal Olmec heads found in Mexican archaeological sites. But yes, it’s big, like the rest of me (proportional).

I tossed in the BIG Head part in fairness to the glasses that I’m sure will fit lots of small people fine - My real beef was that cheap and horrible yellow GLARE and distortion they caused. But again YMMV.

Fun comments! Cheers All !!

So according to the sales stats there was only one pair of the crystal/non-tinted glasses?

Most likely remaining stock from a previous sale. Doesn’t that last pair deserve a forever home instead of wasting away in a warehouse.