Going on a Blender



Just Joshin California Red Table Wine 4-Pack
$57.99 $̶9̶0̶.̶0̶0̶ 36% off List Price
2010 Just Joshin California Red Table Wine
Previous offer: 12/1/12

Domaine Degher Mojo Red Blend Vertical 3-Pack
$82.99 $̶1̶3̶9̶.̶0̶0̶ 40% off List Price
2006 Domaine Degher Mojo Red Blend, Paso Robles
2007 Domaine Degher Mojo Red Blend, Paso Robles
2008 Domaine Degher Mojo Red Blend, Paso Robles
Previous offer: 1/26/13

Kaleidos 2006 Paso Robles/Rhone Red Blend 3-Pack
$57.99 $̶1̶0̶5̶.̶0̶0̶ 45% off List Price
2006 Morpheus GSM Blend
2006 Osiris GSM Blend
Previous offer: 1/9/13

Woot Cellars 2010 Pour Pour Me Fruit Bomber 4-Pack
2010 Pour Pour Me Fruit Bomber
Previous offer: 8/20/12


I’m considering maxing out on the pour mes


Was hoping for some Ty Racchus Red.


The Kaleidos pack are very good wines. Bought this 3 pack the first time it came up and definitely getting another.

Very smooth but rich wines, good with foods ranging from the milder end of flavors like herb chicken or rich white sauces into some of the slightly richer tasting things like burgers and red sauces. I’d stay away from spicy foods with these wines though, I think it would wash out the flavor of the wine. Also good sipping wines. Pretty versatile wine over all I think.


I did not care for the pour pour me, found it too sweet and extracted(it does seem to be a crowd pleaser though.) , very interested in the kaleidos since I enjoyed the oak rock, the just joshin is out of my table wine price range. And the degher is out my price range for complete unknowns.

That’s all i know about that!


It’s been awhile on those. I’m guessing its a year to year deal, in that he doesn’t make them every year. Just keep an eye out for Ty’s red. Better red blend year after year but with a slightly higher price point.


I did not like the Kaleidos Oak Rock, although I don’t remember why. Cortot20 and I split a 4-pack. I have one more bottle left. Glad he enjoyed his, though.


Exactly why I haven’t bought it yet. I love the RR at it’s price point. At the Ty’s Red price point, there are a lot of other wines I would jump on first.


My dad really enjoyed the Pour Pour Me, and I’m down to my last bottle. It is a fruit bomb though. Maybe I’ll grab something else as well.


Hi Wooters,

I’m here, so fire away with questions. I think you’ll find the Just Joshin RTW unlike others in this mix–Cab/Zin and lower alcohols: food friendly and much beloved. Our production of this is ramping up to several thousand cases this year, so you’re getting a very good deal on a delicious, in-demand wine :slight_smile:


Thanks for stopping by josh. Can you give us some details on the vineyards you got the fruit from. I know it’s labeled as California so the fruit probably comes from far and wide. We wooters like details. Also, what’s the objective of the blend?



This RTW is based off a wine I love from a Silverado Trail producer whose bottling go north of $75; we wanted a wine stylistically similar because Cab and Zin are a great pair, but we wanted it to be affprdable to drink every day, not just for special occasions. This has Cab from the North Coast and Livermore, Zin from the Foothills, and a few other bits from the North Coast. It’s not easy to get good flavors but lower alcohols, which is what’s necessary for food friendly–lower alcohols and higher TA.


Hey there Woot, This is Steve Martell Winemaker/Owner of Kaleidos. Please feel free to ask if you have any questions about the wines. They are drinking great right now and have a couple years left in them if you like hanging on to wines but I’d say pop the cork and enjoy!


Hi Wooterville, Let me know if there are any questions about the Mojo Vertical. The blends change from year to year to make the best possible wine. Denis Degher - Winemaker


The Kaleidos 3 pack is an amazing deal. The 2006 Osiris has a nose of smoked meats. It is Grenache based, with a rather fleshy mouthfeel. Drinking wonderfully now!
The 2006 Morpheus is a beautifully balanced blend, syrah based. Rich and full bodied, easy drinking on its own or paired with something equally rich like osso bucco.
These wines represent the rhone fruit that grows so well in Paso. Great opportunity to taste some of the beauty Paso has to offer!


Thanks for sharing your passion Steve! We really enjoyed these blends, very fun to see the different proportions you played with. Cheers!


I really reccomend Kaleidos two GSM blends. Really great way to see the difference between a grenache based versus syrah based GSM’s from paso. It is a stellar deal too! Hope you get a chance to try them, Cheers!


I have also tried the Oakrock which is not typical of Kaleidos winemaker Steve Martell’s style. Rhone blends are his focus, and the oakrock was a syrah based bordeaux blend. If you like rhone style wines, I suggest giving these two GSM blends a shot! Cheers!