Going Stag



How cute! Love the bunnies. :smiley:


1/4 of the was to Wootmas?


I swear I’ve seen this at a garage sale before. And that guy was only asking $2.50. What’s the deal Woot?!


Maybe if I was under the influence of many strong drugs…


That’s quite a smiley shirt!


I think I just had a seizure…


So there are bunny ghosts and rainbow clouds… anybody know what those three round guys on the antler-kabob are supposed to be?




Why and how did the deer trap bunnies on his antlers?


going stag… rainbows… what are you trying to say woot?


Congrats to the artist, but the mouths on some of them scare me a bit- Cute nonetheless, I suppose.


I like the colors. And the Takoyaki looking things.

Will not be getting this tonight I’m afraid. But I like it. :slight_smile:


They look like Takoyaki to me! :stuck_out_tongue:


Mustard on the antler.
Clouds with word balloons.
Rainbows & bolts of light.
Ghostly rabbits and sporadic rainbows.

I’m in for one! Always in the market for a new shirt to wear while doing shrooms in the woods.



At least there’s no negative-space evil clown faces in these rainbows.


4 minutes and 38 seconds to first sucker does not bode well.


The colors just don’t work well together for my taste. Seem at odds. Congrats on the print though.


Nor does it bode well that the last sucker isn’t changing quickly.

Edit: LOL! The stats went from 50/50 to 33/67. A grand total of THREE sales in almost ten minutes. Do we have a new Thirstiest Cookie?


I like the rainbow eyeball glares.