Going where they'll treat me right

At first glance, I thought this was Schrodinger’s cat

Where they were treated as gods…or, the kitty could just come to my house, where it would be treated like a spoiled child!

Is it weird that this shirt makes me sad? Poor kitty.

I thought so too, I was like, ‘is this how Schrodinger tricked the cat to get into the box?’

Possible explanation for why cats love to play in cardboard boxes? I mean most cats don’t have access to sharpies to write on their boxes to tell us what they hope the box will be, so this could be their reason. Plus, you know, they don’t have fingers and thumbs to hold sharpies, and they can’t really write either…

I love the style of this one. So simple and cute.

Congrats, Jasneko! And I was doing so well at not buying shirts this week. Good job capturing the “as soon as you stop staring at me I can get started” look. Or is it the “this is all your fault look”? Or is it the “this is me time” look?

Ah, the inscrutability of the feline.

Spoiled kitty. Just look at the size of your box!

Congrats on the print, Jas! And congrats to Baybei on your 19th first!

The cat is definitely having a Calvin and Hobbes moment there.

Congrats Jas!

This shirt is cute yet vaguely depressing, and brown really isn’t a good color on me. I’ll have to think about this one.

no, I had the same reaction…

It’s a trap Nermal.[youtube=3br0tDqW3r8][/youtube]

What no Tardis.

Kitty needs a sonic reducer.

I don’t need anyone
Don’t need no mom and dad
Don’t need no pretty face
Don’t need no human race
I got some news for you
Don’t even need you too

I got my devil machine
Got my electronic dream

Sonic reducer
Ain’t no loser
I’m a sonic reducer
Ain’t no loser

People out on the streets
They don’t know who I am
I watch them from my room
They all just pass me by
But I’m not just anyone
Said I’m not just anyone

I got my devil machine
Got my electronic dream

Sonic reducer 
Ain’t no loser
I’m a sonic reducer
Ain’t no loser

I’ll be a pharaoh soon
Rule from some golden tomb
Things will be different then
The sun will rise from here
Then I’ll be ten feet tall
And you’ll be nothing at all

i can has flucks kipasittr?

Going to recommend this shirt to the Mrs. But Woot authors, you’ve let us down! It’s “voilà”, not “wha-la” :smiley:

Jesus H. Christ. The line has been crossed. Woot’s deals have sucked since Amazon bought them, ShirtWoot was the last vestige of Old Woot. Now, with the invasion of Cat Shirts, it too is gone. Adieu, Woot. You are no longer a bookmark. I’m off to Ript.

Heh, I was going to congratulate the editors on the good decision here but noticed it won 3rd place on votes anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

This was one of my favs from the derby because it’s stylish and clever.

Mew cat to be kitten me right meow; that’s purrfect!

congrats on the print, Jasneko!