Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Chains

OK, now c’mon…

Woot, I know you “have no control over the manufacturer’s stated MSRP,” and I do try to shy away from such discussions…but can’t you make them exert a little self-control?

Are we really supposed to believe that Woot is selling these chains for just 6% of the MSRP?

Glad i’m not the only one here wonder how the heck this is being justified.

The manufacturer or vendor states the List Price as part of our order process. Despite rumors to the contrary, we don’t make them up or pull them out of our…

Would be nice if the width of the chains were stated.

Word, I have no idea how thick these chains are. Not buying a chain when I don’t know if its a standalone chain, or something I can put a pendant on or something.

Yes^^I have been checking back here hoping to see a width listed also.


Thanks for pointing this out. The specifications have been updated for all the chains with the thickness information.

Happy Friday!

Thanks much, Kirtmans18! :slight_smile:

I’m in for 1 based on the description and my faith in Woot. After seeing the comments, I’m worried that I might not get scrap price for what I purchased. I hope I can get a big medallion on this chain!

Go Woot.

The width is stated in the ‘Specs’ on all the ones I looked at. 1mm, 1.5mm and 2mm so far.

It was added after the question was asked. :happy:

Anyone else receive their order? I did NOT receive a gold plated sterling silver chain, I got an envelope with a very small cheapo bracelet.

sorry to hear that. if you suspect it’s not an actual gold-plated sterling silver chain, i suggest contacting our customer service folks at and letting them know it wasn’t anything like you expected.

apologies again for the disappointment.

buyers beware DO NOT PURCHASE this knockoff fake jewelry. I ordered 12 pieces of mixed gold & silver plated necklaces and received only 11 pieces of tiny cheap bracelets? where are my necklaces!?!?!?!!? I spent almost $200.00 worth on this and contacted support twice yet they don’t respond. Very disappointed in woot will not purchase from your site anymore, long time wooter.

Sorry for the late reply and to also hear that you haven’t received part of your order yet.

I have forwarded your posts along to Woot Member Services and will hopefully have them reply to you soon. Please remember to check the spam folder of your email provider as sometimes their responses get filtered there.

Thank you for your patience during this matter.


Please be aware that the vendor had incorrectly shipped out the wrong product to those of you that ordered.
Replacements for the wrong items have shipped out today.
We have asked vendor to provide the tracking and should have that by tomorrow. There is no need to return the incorrect item.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Thank you for the head’s up. I did shoot an email to CS about getting the wrong size.

BTW - If you order just a few items, or in my case 1, these ship in a small padded envelope - that was actually small enough to be covered by a blowing LEAF on my porch. So, if you haven’t seen your order yet… look under small things?

So, the 20 inch chains I actually ordered will be shipped out automatically? I don’t need to do anything? Woot has the most amazing customer service.

Thank you!

Yay! The right chain showed up today - thanks for handling that so quickly!