Gold Toe Men's Fleece Pant, 3 Colors

Kind of short. Every generation has more men of height. Might be time to consider that unless your target audience are into “sagging”.

Do NOT buy anything from Woot where size is important. If the article does not run true to size, you are out of luck.

If it doesn’t fit, ya cain’t return it!

I’ve got two pair of Kenneth Cole shoes wildly out of size, and Woot refuses to refund or exchange. Buyer beware!

I bought these Gold Toe pants and the hoody to match earlier this fall. I’m sitting in the pants right now. I’m 6’ 2" and 195 pounds so I got XL and they both fit well. I like the lighter fleece feel for the fall and spring or indoors. About the only complaint I would have is that the pant pockets are shallow. The hoody pockets are large and deep enough for a cell phone or wallet. For the price, they’re great.

Bought these the last time around. Fleece is thin and cheap. Runs small, the shirt and the pants. Pockets on the pants are a hoot, I couldn’t get my hand into them, more like a change pocket. Two stars.

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