Gold Toe Men's Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt, 4 Colors

Top review from the product’s Amazon listing:

I purchased 3 of these when they were offered a couple of weeks back. I washed them before wearing and I can safely say they are worth about half of what I paid for them. One of the draw strings on the hood came out in the wash and there are lots of loose threads coming off the seams. You can do BETTER by driving to your local wamlart or target and purchasing their standard, name brand, basic hoodie. At least those places will gladly accept a return if you are unhappy with quality. These just have a real ‘cheap’ quality feel. All things considered, I would suggest ignoring these…even at $7.99 plus shipping.

About what I’d expect out of an 8 dollar hoodie more concerned fact that I order a 2XL and it’s 2XL everywhere but length, it’s like a belly shirt. If you’re really short you may love it though I guess…

I purchased one of these a few weeks ago and everything is fine with it as a cheap hoodie… well except that there is a hole in the seam that attaches the zipper to the material. I guess I shouldn’t expect to much for such a cheap price. Still I thought GoldToe was a decent brand, they make good socks.