Golf: A Swinger's Paradise



Could one of the free range turkeys possibly tell me which flex is in clubs.


Great! Another set of clubs for righties.


For the Nike “feel” golf balls… “feel” is used pretty loosly. I received PD Womens, PD Distance and quite a few other rock hard golf balls. Very few PD Soft, no 20xis obviously at this price but I hoped. Mojo was the closest thing to a feel ball, and not too many of those either.


Pro V1 Refinished are amazing! Bought them last time. Unfortunatley i lost them all…quickly :=/


If as advertised this Exotic’s set actually includes a “putting wedge” they have clearly brought us into another new age of competitive golf.


I had the original uPro golf GPS before they were bought out by Callaway. The original is a great device and the real fly overs are incredible. IMHO it’s one of the best devices of its type.

That being said, once Callaway took over, support for the original dropped off like a hot potato. Still would recommend this device as it appears to do everything the original did and faster at a lower price and now…with customer support!