Golf Balls – 36 Pack

That’s a lot of balls.

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Golf Balls - 36 Pack
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Recycled

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Woot’s balls have a lot of miles on them.

Seriously… is … wa… golf balls? Like… scratch head

This HAS to be the worst woot to date… it has to be!

Anyone know how many dimples are on these balls?

note to self, avoid next Bag of crap

My pregnant wife says that my balls are in a jar on the shelf and can’t be used for a long time. Are these balls a good replacement?

Is it “par” for the course or Did Woot Whiff on this one?

Might be the worst woot ever…and i am a golfer. mad i stayed up for this.

Refurbish golf balls, I wonder how much a Squaretrade warranty is for them, and if the warranty covers the balls I’m going to loose in the thick brush or water hazards.

Wait wait wait. Used golf balls? Like the kind you fish out of the water hazards at the local country club? Really?

Woot, you used to have good stuff. I got my TV, watch, TiVo, even my tennis racquet from you. But used golf balls? You’ve changed, man.

make it ping pong balls and we have a deal…

If it’s a 36 pack, why did his wife only throw 32 balls at him? Are some packages short on balls?

pssssssst… woot… your balls are showing.

I don’t want to play a round with someone else’s lost balls.

Recycled golf balls? what the heck!? I think Woot stole these balls from a golf course in the middle of the night and is trying to pass them off on us before the authorities catch up to them.

Actually not a bad price if these are AAA grade. Compare to these balls:

Reminds me of my days as a wee child. I would walk around the golf courses with a friend of mine, collecting all the balls that strayed from the course. We would sell them back to the local golf clubs and make a few bucks.


I usually pick up around 8 used golf balls on a 18 round of golf from the edges of the water traps. They are free to me - why do I want to pay $20 for used balls again?